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Error -1176

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That's my point.


Retrospect has encountered a serious error

Assertion failure at "tmemory.cpp-1176"



1176 isn't an error, it's a line number in the source code.

"Assertion failure" is an error and you omitted that vital information in your first post.

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I say you (or rather Retrospect) is running out of memory (RAM).


How many files are you backing up? What are your hardware specs? What software version are you running?






Server/catalog files:

Dell PE 2650

2 gig ram



EMC CX 300




It varies - but under 4 million


I cannot seem to pin point when this happens.

Some times it's before certain jobs - then sometimes it's after.

I know how to get more 'log' information - I just don't know which log information to focus on getting!

Also - we are running only 1 job at at time - not mutli-threading.

Also also - most times when this occurs I notice Retrospect memory use get's to over 200 meg in task manager. I don't know what normal specs are for memory usage.



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Nothing else is runnning on the server. As far as free space 'whenn' this happens...I'm not sure...right now it's 3 gig.



I saw that link and may try it later. Thanks.


It seems I get this error mainly when a database/exchange is being backed up...BUT...I'm not sure which log settings to change to see exactly where this error resides.

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