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  1. When the update is pending, the Mac OS has changed the state of the disk, so that Retrospect no longer recognizes it as the original disk. The only option is to install the update.
  2. Directions are at https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/retroisa_advanced_options
  3. It sounds like your preferences may have gotten lost or damaged and Retrospect automatically rebuilt the preferences from the configs.xml file. Reverting back to the original preferences isn't a good idea, but you could restore an old version of the config80.dat file if you really need the info.
  4. 18.2.1 was released yesterday to fix this issue. http://www.retrospect.com/updates
  5. It should appear as Retrospect Engine, as far as I know. It is running under rosetta.
  6. Retrospect fully supports M1 hardware. If you are trying to back up the M1 over the network to the Windows system, you would need to run Retrospect for Windows on the 2019 server and put Retrospect Client onto the M1
  7. This does seem like a bug. We have it flagged as a high priority with our engineering team to resolve.
  8. We have a new set of DR directions that can be found at http://www.retrospect.com/dr that include new/updated articles and new detailed tutorials.
  9. The bootable USB thumb drive is based off of Microsoft WinPE and it will work on all windows computers. You don't need a different disk for each computer. You can boot from the disk and then do either a local restore or network based restore of the C disk.
  10. You could do a selector that has the exclude condition of "Folder Path does Contains temp\filename" Or you could do an exclusion of "folder path does contain russellg\temp"
  11. If the original backup had the bios configured for legacy boot mode, you need to be using legacy boot mode during the restore. The Microsoft ASR writer will fail to restore registry/partition info if the boot mode is different when you are doing the restore vs what you had during the original backup.
  12. Did the Retrospect engine get installed? You can look under System Preferences. You can also check library/application support/Retrospect. You are also welcome to email support@retrospect.com and we can help directly.
  13. I don't think dropping of a network connection would be a factor, but if the network device is on DHCP instead of a fixed address, that might cause some confusion.
  14. First thing is to make sure you have the security settings in Retrospect configured correctly. Retrospect has 3 or 4 different places to set the security. https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/configuring_retrospect_7_x_for_use_with_a_nas_device In general, it isn't normal for the NAS settings to be lost for automatic login. When you click the button to update the login info, does it ask you to change existing settings or does it act like no prior setting had been entered?
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