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  1. Yes, a Server or Single Server license will allow you to continue using Retrospect after the OS is upgraded.
  2. Hi Jannah, Try uninstalling Retrospect, manually deleting the item /library/startupitems/RetroRun, then installing the 6.1 express application.
  3. Hi Bob, When you say "the same error as above" are you talking about the "not supported on this architecture" error, or the original error that was reported when you could not see the client? You didn't actually specify what the original error was. This is likely unrelated to the client, but you really should update the main Retrospect app to 6.1 if you're going to be dealing with a Tiger OS.
  4. Rob, A data recovery house like Drive Savers (http://www.drivesavers.com/) would definitely be able to get this data onto newer media for you. If you wanted to try to get it on your own, your best bet would be to purchase an old Mac, as close to the one you had when you backed up, and try to restore with the oldest version of Retrospect you can get your hands on. You should try to duplicate the hardware/software you had at the time.
  5. Hi, If you're going to go with the setup nembot describes, don't forget to set 'Weeks' on the schedule to 2. This scenario is going to afford you two different backups at most - one from the previous week and one from the previous night, barring any sort of disaster (fire, flood, Godzilla attack, etc.) that might destroy the onsite tape. I'm going to assume the second tape is taken offsite. If you were to create a backup set for each day, Retrospect would expect a tape for each backup set, and would prompt your client for a different tape every day. So, as as long as you're okay with the limited coverage, two backup sets will be all you need.
  6. Hi, Because this is a hard drive it will not show up in Configure>Devices by default. The device configuration window is primarily for tape drives and burners and the occasional removable disk (REV/Jazz/Zip/etc). You can see the drive if you look in Configure>Volumes, it will show up the same as it does on your desktop. If you want to use this hard drive as a removable disk, go into Special>Preferences>Media Handling and enable the option to "Use hard drives as removable disks."
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