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  1. Good morning! We are going from 12.0.xx to 12.6.xx and would like to know if the client name will get updated in the DB. You see, we did a physical inventory and at the same times changed ALL of our computer names. Now - does this mean I'll have to remove all the clients and re-add them - in order for the name to update?
  2. Hi! I'll take a look. From previous checks - I do not believe the log gets updated. The program just goes away and I have to restart.
  3. Hi! I updated to 12 and 'recycled' a couple backup sets. During this time we had also had a backup or two running. When I checked the machine this am...Retrospect was closed. (I had to restart it). Where can we see WHY this closes with no error message?
  4. It may also be on server 2008 R2 - as I've had 11 do it periodically - now 11.5 is doing it multilple times a day. The last on was when it was grooming a catalog file. I do not believe any backup jobs were running. Poof - it's gone. edit to add: Let me clarify - this is the Server application just 'going away'.
  5. This is now happening with Ver 11. I updated the server form 10 to 11 and some clients as well. Since then I've been getting 808 errors (now on multiple backup sets).
  6. We just received this message as well. Server Client First run via manual back up produced this error.
  7. Hi - Any updates? We are installing it on a Dell Win10 machine, and having issues.
  8. Yup. It replaces the settings with defaults. Every machine may now have to be 'touched'. Not good. I'm going to contact support. ----------------------------------- Update: Support replied and the items are in fact changed to default. I've asked them if this will be address or if there is a work around, as we cannot proceed with an update to 10.x based on this issue.
  9. Anyone? Shall I just contact support or is there another thread I am not seeing? Thanks
  10. Good afternoon! We have 7.x on our desktops and are pussing out 10.x. We want to NOT have the view in 'system tray' checked - nor do we want the 'hasn't been backed up in' checked. The desktops have these settings set accordingly...the install seems to go to a default of checked. This is not good. thanks!
  11. Glad you checked. I've noted network install issues(with other software, in the past)...and doing it locally sometimes resolves or as in this case, produces a better 'error'!
  12. Are you installing over the network? Have you tried installing from a local folder? Taking the network out may or may not help, though it may remove that variable. Though it could be graphics related. Since we'll be doing Win10 upgrades soon, I will be keeping an eye on this thread! thanks.
  13. We have this issue as well. No closure when client is removed from the network. An answer aside from killing the process and starting is needed. I wind up having to rebuild catalogs. Please let us know if there is an update....or if the issue is even being looked at...thanks!
  14. Did you upgrade - or new install? New data set, etc?
  15. Seems the culprit was an 'exclusion'...of the C:\drive! DOH! I did learn more about this...so that's a plus!
  16. We tried that....nothing. The tech mentioned to see what user the service was running under. Said is was to be 'system' , it is no...it's running under the logged in user. The odd thing...we can see the E:\drive.
  17. Hi - we have a 7x server and client set up. The client c volume was able to be seen...now it's not. The e volume is still seen...not the c. So - I thought I'd update to 9.5 - server side went well...and to our wonderment...so did they client update from the server. All this while a c:\drive was not seen from the server side. And it's still not seen....only the E volume (his local external drive). We checked in windows and the SYSTEM ID seems to have full access to the C: volume. Any ideas? Thanks!
  18. It looks like they already exclude some of those (per the support agent response). Is there a complete list? What do you exclude? Thanks
  19. You are not alone with this. It's amazingly frustrating. ...and you seem to be on to something with the memory issue. We can only hope, I guess, that they update the code to reflect the latest build software....but hey, they're still making money with the old shtuff!
  20. Hi! We are looking to exclude some items from the backups. There are full system backup with some exclusions - right now only files like MP3 and MP4 etc. One person suggested the Page and Hiber files be excluided - what would that do regarding the 'recovery' process? I would think nothing, as the files would be rebuilt...but am not certain. Has anyone tested that theory? Thanks
  21. Thanks - I'll gather the information. Note - a big issue is when machines are being backed up, they go into building snapshot...then the client shuts down...and the server still tries to rebuild the snapshot. In this case, the next day the client comes online...but the snapshot building keeps running( as in no reconnection to the client to close the session. We then have to 'End Process' Retrospect on the server.
  22. Great. Will this be fixed for the Windows portion as well ( sorry, I cross posted - my issue is regarding Windows, however it seem to be the same issue). Thanks.
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