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  1. That was my next suggestion. I don't know where you live, but here in Sweden it's about bed time, so Good Night.
  2. I think the key is this: Note: OS X System Integrity Protection may prevent the restoration of protected files and folders to ANOD0015. Try turning it off and see if it helps. NOTE: Turn it on again after the restore. https://www.imore.com/how-turn-system-integrity-protection-macos You must also give Retrospect Full Disk Access: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/macos_full_disk_access A bit puzzling is the actual error that says invalid file system data as that might indicate there is something wrong with the file system on ANOD0015. What kind of restore are you performing? Have you tried "Restore selected files and folders"?
  3. Can we see the whole log, please? It isn't clear in what stage of the process you get the error.
  4. If it is "blank", then that might be your problem. It has to be formatted and (as David points out) in the correct format.
  5. I think tape stations always have hardware compression. I don't even think you can turn it off (in Retrospect). So trying to turn on software compression is useless, I'm afraid.
  6. That's bad. One workaround would be to schedule both the backup and the transfer to the same execution unit. Then the backup will have to wait for the transfer to finish (or vice versa).
  7. I think Retrospect will wait for the transfer to finish. You don't even have to update the scripts. Just use the "New Backup Set" backup (or transfer) as outlined here, and Retrospect will update the script for you: https://www.retrospect.com/en/documentation/user_guide/win/fundamentals#backup-actions
  8. "Archive" is not a "Copy" and not a "Backup". "Archive" does indeed remove the originals after the copy is done. Only "Backup" uses media sets.
  9. BEWARE that if you happen to lose the originals 10 seconds after you recycled, you better have another backup.
  10. It does NOT. It deletes the unwanted files from the DESTINATION, so both the source and the destination contains the same files. No more, no less.
  11. Did version 6 do this differently? (I mean was able to have multiple sources on a Copy?)
  12. From Retrospect's User Guide at https://www.retrospect.com/en/documentation/user_guide/mac/operations#copying By the nature of the copy operation, you may only copy one Source to one Destination. The source can be a volume or a Favorite Folder from a volume. That means you must use three Copy scripts with three different destinations. From the User Guide: Warning: When you copy all files and folders from one disk to another, Retrospect deletes any data that may already be on the destination volume. Be careful!
  13. Lennart_T

    Restore RDB files to scratch re-install

    In addition to David's excellent advice of the whole procedure, let me just add a little piece of advice: I think you are going one level too deep in the folder structure. You should see the folder containing the RDB files in the list, select it (single-click) and the click OK (not Open).
  14. It is, but only "sort of". When you create a disk media set, you specify how much of the disk it can use. When the ongoing backup is going to reach that limit, a grooming process starts. That happens in the middle of a backup and can take hours. That means the completion of the backup can be delayed by hours. For that reason, it is advised to schedule groom scripts every once in a while. I suggest once every Saturday or Sunday.
  15. Off topic: If you don't know, it's a paraphrase on "Schrödinger's cat": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schrödinger's_cat
  16. Although I have not experienced that particular error, I think grooming is much more stable in the current version of Retrospect (17.5.x).
  17. Lennart_T

    Wish to Change Destination Media

    Thanks for reporting back with the result.
  18. Lennart_T

    Wish to Change Destination Media

    In addition to David Hertzberg's advice, you may optionally want to "transfer" the old backups to the new backup set. See page 144 in Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide.
  19. It means those files were changed in between the time they were backed up and the time they were compared (the version still on disk and the version in the backup). It seems as the user was (actively) using the Photos application during the backup process. I shouldn't worry about that.
  20. Lennart_T

    Retrospect 7.7: Recovery with backup-media

    My pleasure. Off topic: Swedish is my native language, I know English quite well (including SOME differences between British English and American English) and I studied German in (elementary and high) school for five years in the seventies. But since I don't practice German on a regular basis, I have forgotten most of it. Oh, I made a business trip to Paris (France, not Texas ) in 2000 so I learned to SAY two sentences in French: "I don't understand. Do you speak English?" But DON'T ask me to SPELL it in French.
  21. Lennart_T

    Retrospect 7.7: Recovery with backup-media

    It might be that you are one folder level too deep. Go up one level, so "1-Daten Wochentlich-Ung" is in the (now) empty list. Select it and then click "OK" (not "Öffnen").
  22. I think David meant source tape and destination tape, respectively (during the copy operation). MY point was to mark tape 1 as missing during (or before) the recatalog operation. I'm sorry I didn't make MY point more clear.
  23. That is what I was thinking after turning off my Mac and going to bed last night.
  24. Try a cleaning tape, perhaps?
  25. Lennart_T

    locate cloud media set on new retro server?

    I guess you do something wrong. Retrospect should not create an empty media set when you use the "Locate" function. Instead it should add the existing media set. I suggest you remove the new (empty) media set and try again with the "Locate" button. I just tried it here and it worked fine, albeit with a disk media set.