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Error backing up exchange 2003 - got extended logs


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I am trying to backup an exchange 2003 repository and always get errors at a lot of places that seems to be related to RB unable to get the messages from exchange.


Here is part of the extended log (debugging set to level 7).


MBDataInputStream::operator<<: prop string 'TPAM05S extended temperature range'.

MBDataOutputStream::operator>>: PR_DISPLAY_NAME = 'TPAM05S extended temperature range'

MbMapError: mapped Exchange Mailbox error 0x8004010f to -1 101 (error -1101 (file/directory not found))

MBDataInputStream::PrepareAttachment: Failure 0x8004010f (error -1101 (file/directory not found)) in OpenProperty on embedded msg.

Mailbox message backup warning: The current message is not complete.

MbMapError: mapped Exchange Mailbox error 0x8004010f to -1 101 (error -1101 (file/directory not found))

File "Claudine Grenier\Boîte de réception\00000000644da06a5ed22042b253747e9eef3cc40700bfeb049b7f2ddb438ea103af662d13a700000000a8490000225442585f89274ea3a62f88671ecbac00000020a1550000": can't read, error -1101 (file/directory not found)

--TMBDmpFile::BackupRead: dest path = 'Claudine Grenier\Boîte de réception'



I located the offended email and found out that this is an email containing another email which itself contains an attachment (a .doc file). I can read the emails fine and also the attachments.


We have an antivirus on our exchange (Trend Micro).


Is this helpful?



Windows SBS 2003 SP1

Retrospect 7.5.324

Trend Micro Client-Server Messaging Security 3.0

Outside temperature is 20 degrees C grin.gif

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Hi Stécy,


This may seem like an obvious question but, the mailboxes that are being listed as missing - are they actually there? I know that Retrospect will automatically add new mailboxes, and that it will not automatically forget deleted mailboxes immediately. I believe this usually results in a different error, but I just want to check.

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Is there someone at Dantz/EMC looking at this issue?


I think you misunderstand. These forums are user-to-user help. From the "Welcome to the Forums" thread link (Using This Forum / Welcome to the Forum):



Welcome to the EMC Forum,


Thank you for your participation in the EMC
community based
forum. We are committed to providing you the best tools to be successful with the Retrospect family of products. Our forum is a great place to ask questions and get answers
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forum is not an official means of contacting EMC support. If you have an urgent question or would like to discuss a specific Retrospect topic with a EMC technical support representative, please go to:






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