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  1. They suggested running Exchange utilities to fix the database of any errors. I don't remember the web page with the information but a search of the forums should bring you the relevent topic.
  2. SQL is local to the backup server. I can't forget it since the icon is not enabled, also the right-click menu does not permit to select the forget option.
  3. Using RB 7.5.370, Driver Using the SQL server addon. Backups were running fine for several months now until we removed a database from the SQL server. Now RB is still trying to backup this database and reports a -1004 error. I tried to remove the database from the "Volumes" configuration page but I can't since RB does not allow this. How should I proceed? Thank you.
  4. Just to let the Retrospect team know that we also encounter these errors. I've reported them a while ago and still no clue as to what causes this. They suggested "fixing" exchange as this may cause the problem. Did that and it had no effect. I suspect that maybe the antivirus is playing a part in this as it is actively monitoring our exchange.
  5. Hi, The mailbox is still active and other messages can be read perfectly. The message I gave as an example would not be backed up. Thanks for trying to help me though
  6. Thank you for the quick response. I followed the KB article from MS and my Exchange settings are perfect. Do you have any other idea? Thank you
  7. Hi, I am trying to backup an exchange 2003 repository and always get errors at a lot of places that seems to be related to RB unable to get the messages from exchange. Here is part of the extended log (debugging set to level 7). MBDataInputStream::operator<<: prop string 'TPAM05S extended temperature range'. MBDataOutputStream::operator>>: PR_DISPLAY_NAME = 'TPAM05S extended temperature range' MbMapError: mapped Exchange Mailbox error 0x8004010f to -1 101 (error -1101 (file/directory not found)) MBDataInputStream::PrepareAttachment: Failure 0x8004010f (error -1101 (file/directory not found)) in OpenProperty on embedded msg. Mailbox message backup warning: The current message is not complete. MbMapError: mapped Exchange Mailbox error 0x8004010f to -1 101 (error -1101 (file/directory not found)) File "Claudine Grenier\Boîte de réception\00000000644da06a5ed22042b253747e9eef3cc40700bfeb049b7f2ddb438ea103af662d13a700000000a8490000225442585f89274ea3a62f88671ecbac00000020a1550000": can't read, error -1101 (file/directory not found) --TMBDmpFile::BackupRead: dest path = 'Claudine Grenier\Boîte de réception' I located the offended email and found out that this is an email containing another email which itself contains an attachment (a .doc file). I can read the emails fine and also the attachments. We have an antivirus on our exchange (Trend Micro). Is this helpful? Specs: Windows SBS 2003 SP1 Retrospect 7.5.324 Trend Micro Client-Server Messaging Security 3.0 Outside temperature is 20 degrees C
  8. Hi, I have the same error (see my post a couple days ago) and Dantz are now aware of it after contacting them and trying to resolve this problem. They suggested that I revert to .285 for the time being until they fix it.
  9. Hi, I am having the same problem for several months now and Dantz does not know how to solve it. Their error message is not giving much... For the time being I do not use Retrospect to backup Exchange 2003 but instead use Microsoft Backup tool to do it and that tool is doing the job. Sad that we paid for retrospect to specifically backup exchange and we can't use it. I wish you good luck.
  10. Hi, When I updated RS to 7.5.320 I could no longer use my license for the client used to backup my other server. When I apply the license it tells me that I need to upgrade the "application" license. How come? Everything was fine with the previous version 7.5.285 Using RS 7.5 SBS
  11. Thanks Nate, I set the logging level to 7 (the highest) for Exchange logging. Performed a backup on the exchange mailboxes. Got the same errors but no additional logging... I thought that maybe it was because I didn't restarted the application. I did that and then retried the backup. Still no additionnal logging infos... Same messages as before about memory full, can't read file, etc... It would be helpful if the logs would show the message header instead of a bunch of letters and numbers which, I guess, represents some sort of ID on the message. I could then try to see if I can read the message from Outlook.
  12. I am in the same situation. And to make matters worse, since the backup is not successful, the exchange logs are not deleted and growing, and growing, and growing... Had to do a backup using the NT Backup utility. That tool didn't complain about errors... Haven't verified the backup though because I don't have another server to restore to. I would really know about the "tools" to use to repair exchange.
  13. Using Retrospect 7.5 SMB Premium on an Exchange 2003 SMB server. For a while I see a lot of -3422 error in the log. We upgraded to the latest service pack, ran ESEUtil on the stores to see if this would cure the problem but it has not. Looking in the documentation and web site about error -3422 and it is not even listed! Help please.
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