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Office/Outlook 2003 Not restoring properly


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Dantz Retrospect Professional 6.5.343.


Office/Outlook 2003.


Here is what I experienced. I did this multiple times and it failed every time. The backup works fine (no errors). I am restoring a remote client with Windows 2000 and Office 2003 on a Dell gx260 (2.8 GHz,etc.). I got a new drive from Dell, the old one was making that noise you hear before it fails. I put in the new drive and installed a clean windows 2000 OS on it. That worked great. Installed the networt driver and the Retrospect client. So far so good. I then restored the client. Replaed te Boot.ini file (Dell likes to have an extra partition, but I installed the new OS without it) and rebooted. After reboot, and reboot, and reboot, the system seemed fine. I tested it and everything worked, except Outlook 2003.


Besides seeing the installer pop up on all of Office's application(Excel, Word, etc.), Outlook 2003's email did not work. Before anyone thinks it, yes I did close out of Outook 2003 before backup. Besides, 6.5.343 supports it open.


Here is what Outlook 2003 does. Please help if you know why.


When I go into outlook and check my email, it goes out and gets the email but it isn't visible anywhere. In other words, I go to another machine and send a bunch of messages, then I check them on the restored machine. It goes out, shows a percent completed, but no email. It is like it gets it, clears it off the server and then puts it ?. Nowhere?


Anyone else get this. After running the Office 2003 repair utility it worked fine. I even put the old hard drive back in and confirmened that Outlook 2003 was working. IT WAS?!


Strange, strange, strange.


Please help,


Thanks to all in advance.



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Tried that. Didn't work. I was in a good position in that the old drive wasn't dead yet. I put the old drive back in and updated everything to the latest drive, created a brand new backup in a new dataset and then did the restore. Still didn't work. Email worked fine on the old drive.


Thanks for your post.

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