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  1. Hi, When you upgraded to 7.5 did you also purchase upgrade licenses for Exchange and SQL? When you upgrade you need to upgrade all of the add in modules too. Thanks, Nate
  2. Hi Retrospect Express 6.1 is required for OSX 10.4. A free update is on the updates page. Thanks Nate
  3. Hi You can install the main software on one machine and install Retrospect client on two machines. Thanks Nate
  4. Hi You need to install Retrospect Express 6.1 , not Retrospect 6.1. Thanks Nate
  5. Hi Install 6.1.126 first then install the Driver update. You will not lose your settings and scripts. Thanks Nate
  6. Hi Make sure port 497 is open for both TCP and UDP on the firewall on both machines. Thanks nate
  7. Hi Retrospect 5 does not support Tiger. You need Retrospect 6.0.212 and above for Tiger support. You have the 3.x drivers from ATTO installed for your SCSI card right? Thanks Nate
  8. Hi Install Retrospect on the laptop and run a catalog rebuild from the tools menu. You will then be able to access your data. Thanks Nate
  9. Hi The 4.3 install CD is a bootable CD isn't it? Thanks Nate
  10. Hi External hard drives are very popular and cheap. For long term storage tape is still the most reliable. Thanks Nate
  11. Hi It sounds like the tape drive may be failing or the tape heads may be dirty. Does this happen with every tape you insert? How often do you clean the tape drive? Thanks Nate
  12. Hi Okarp, We'll be happy to help if you can give us a better idea of what is happening. Thanks Nate
  13. Hi What version of Retrospect do you have now? Retrospect 6 or Desktop 4.3? Thanks Nate
  14. Hi Did you install from CD by any chance? There are newer versions of Retrospect 6 available on the Retrospect Website that may help. Thanks Nate
  15. Hi Please contact EMC Dantz customer service directly. http://www.dantz.com/en/support/contact.dtml Thanks Nate
  16. Hi If the code is valid for the version of Retrospect you installed the license challenge should not come up. Is this machine running appleshare IP by any chance? If so Retrospect Express will not run. Thanks Nate
  17. Hi Did you use a removable disk backup set or a file backup set? You must use a file backup set when backing up to hard disk under os 9 Thanks Nate
  18. Hi This page has details about the combination of extensions you need to use for the drive to be seen. http://www.dantz.com/en/support/compatibility_list_detail.dtml?id=8579 Thanks Nate
  19. Hi The make and model of your CD burner should be listed in apple system profiler. Can you post it please? Thanks nate
  20. Hi Check the manual section entitled "moving Retrospect". One side note - be sure to use a supported SCSI adapter. Otherwise you may have trouble getting the DAT drive to run. Thanks Nate
  21. Hi You may need to run a recycle backup to empty out your backup set. Otherwise Retrospect will keep adding data to the backup until the drive is full. Thanks Nate
  22. Hi This isn't good. Bad backup set headers mean there is likely a problem with the data on tape or the tape itself. You might want to try restoring pieces of that data rather than the whole chunk at once. You might be able to get around the damaged portions that way. Thanks Nate
  23. Hi Sorry Ole Red, I can only move threads. I'll have to delete the posts if thats alright with you? Nate
  24. Hi Does the device show in configure->devices->device status in Retrospect? If so can you tell us what it says in there? I think the device is supported but you have to sort out some extensions issues to get it to work. Thanks Nate
  25. Ole Red Are you talking about Windows or Macintosh? This is the Mac forum. Please post again in the Windows forum. Thanks Nate
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