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  1. Hi, When you upgraded to 7.5 did you also purchase upgrade licenses for Exchange and SQL? When you upgrade you need to upgrade all of the add in modules too. Thanks, Nate
  2. Hi Norm, Please do not post peoples names in the forum. Unfortunately I can't offer anything to make this better for you. Although I would like to explain a couple of things based on the information in your post. 1) It appears EMC put a good deal of time and resources into investigating this issue. We even tested the device at Apple. We invested a lot in this. If we could fix it in a driver update we certainly would. 2) It also looks like EMC's engineers took a detailed look at logging and device information and determined that there was a problem on the hardware side. 3) EMC contacted the hardware manufacturer about this issue. That means the engineers were very sure that the problem was not due to Retrospect. I'd like to emphasize that contacting a hardware manufacturer about possible bugs is serious business. They won't give you the time of day if you haven't completely ruled out software problems. From the emails you have posted it seems clear that the hardware manufacturer has chosen view this problem as a "known incompatibility" and have asked that EMC discontinue support for the device. I'm afraid that leaves us and you most of all without any recourse but to use slower media when backing up on the dual G5. Respectfully, Nate
  3. Hi Can you tell us about your backup device and the source disk please? Retrospect runs as fast as the hardware will allow - meaning that it doesn't do any throttling or anything like that. There must be a bottleneck somewhere... Nate
  4. Hi Select the boot volume of your server for backup. Run the backup. Done. It is that simple. You can verify that active was backed up by looking at the snapshot properties in the backup set properties. Thanks Nate
  5. Hi The boot disk is formatted NTFS right? Open file doesn't work on FAT disks. Thanks Nate
  6. Hi We offer 2 free support incidents during the first 30 days of product purchase. You might want to consider an Annual Support and Maintainence contract. You get unlimited support and free upgrades for Retrospect for a full year. FWIW the support policy is the same for Mac products as well. Honestly speaking I think we would all prefer free support but we would have to raise product prices significantly to do it. Thanks Nate
  7. Hi Just a directory used for temporary files and such. Why do you ask? Thanks Nate
  8. Hi Any chance you could get a USB floppy drive? I have one from my laptop... Thanks Nate
  9. Hi If it always fails at the same place there may be a problem with a certain file or directory on disk. Do you have an idea of where the problem file might be? To narrow it down you can create subvolumes in Retrospect and back up the volume in pieces. When you backup the subvolume containing the bad file the error will occur. You can then create subvolumes within that folder until you can narrow down the cause. Thanks Nate
  10. Hi If your drive was recognized why are you configuring it? Configuration is only required when a device is not recognized. Thanks Nate
  11. Hi When you create the backup set make sure you choose "removable disk". DO NOT create a CD/DVD backup set. You may need to tell Retrospect to ignore the device in configure->devices->device status in order to use DVD-RAM. DVD-RAM and DVD are completely different media types. Thanks Nate
  12. Hi Apple's #1 priority is burning disks with disk burner or disk utility. They uses custom firmware so the drive will do that very well (and they do). Unfortunately the firmware doesn't always play nice with packet writing. Your best bet is to buy an external drive that is listed on our compatibility list and supports all the media types you want to use. Thanks Nate
  13. Hi What speed rating? i.e. High speed CD-RW media can cause this problem because the drive doesn't support it. Thanks Nate
  14. Hi #1 You could create run documents in Retrospect and use a batch file to launch them. #2 Depending on the error Retrospect may be able to quit gracefully or not. If you don't want it to wait forever for media you can set a media timeout in the preferences. Thanks nate
  15. Hi This is not possible. Clients cannot contact the server. Only the server can contact clients. Thanks Nate
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