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Client memory error -518 with Retrospect v5.15


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I am new here - this is my first post.

I am running Retrospect Server v5.15 in a WinNT4/Win2000 environment. I have been using the my current version since 2000 and it has been running great. Recently I have started receiving the following error when running unattended backups at night:


Can't track volumes, error -518 (not enough backup client memory)


Nothing has changed in my configuration and cannot figure out where the error is coming from. Anyone experience anything like this who can give me a clue about what is going on here? Thanks...



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Backup Server:


Windows NT4 SP6a with all current Microsoft updates.


Physical Memory: 640MB / 532MB free when logged into account that Retrospect uses.


Hard Drives:

C: 1.99GB / 349MB free

D: 9.55GB / 4.17GB free - Retrospect resides here

E: 1.99GB / 1.13GB free

F: 8.73GB / 4.32GB free

G: 9.55GB / 3.37GB free


Paging files:

D: 651-700MB / 576MB in use

E: 651-700MB / 500MB in use


Backup Drive:

Sony TSL-S9000L - 8 tape cassette / SCSI interface / 4mm DAT - 24GB per tape



Retrospect Server v5.15 / 100 client license

15 backup clients / IP network @ 10 megabits

The clients are split up over 4 days (Mon thru Thur). I am doing unattended,

incremental backups.


I have had this configuration set up since year 2000. All of the clients started having

this problem at the same time, so I don't think it's a client problem - they are not all

going to go bad at one time. I have scrutinized one of the clients and have been trying

different things on it with no luck.


Is this enough detail?


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Thanks, that helps a lot.


Retrospect is complaining about "memory" but it is actually running short on disk space on the system c:\ drive. I have seen this kind of thing before and it is especially problematic with Windows NT. Unfortunately, having Retrospect stored on another partition does not work around the problem.


Do whatever you can to get another 100MB free on the C drive and the problem should go away. If not, let us know



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In my experience, this error can often be attributed to network communication errors - rather then memory errors as the error leads you to believe.


Since this started happening on all of your computers, the most likely culprit is the 1 (or more) pieces of hardware that these clients have in common (e.g. hub, router, switch, backup computer).


An easy enough test is to create a 2-computer peer-to-peer network. Connect two computers directly with a crossover cable (no other networking hardware involved) and see if the error replicates.


You can try this between the existing backup server and a client or between two existing clients (which will require an installation of the application). It is preferable to test between two client computers, as this will leave not only the existing network out of the loop but also the backup computer.


Should the crossover cable test work without error, try a crossover between the server and one of the these clients. If it continues to work, then you'll know the problem is somewhere in your network hardware.

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