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Disaster Recovery with Static IPs


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If you search the forum, you will find a few posts from users who have modified the WinPE boot image to add a static IP address before burning it to CD.


Hey Mr M....hope you're well. You've been flying around with a bunch of companies on the Retrospect Flyer!

Always doing a great job I might add.


Yes, I know of that tweak....is Retrospect planning on supporting a static IP configuration?

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I don't see any evidence that this has been resolved.  I have a small local Ethernet with no DHCP server and static IP addresses.  I found the instructions (from a Google search, not a search on the Retrospect web site) for setting the IP address.  But why isn't there an option on the Disaster Recovery disk menu for doing that?

I put this command file into the root directory of the DR disk:

netsh interface ip set address Ethernet static %1
netsh interface ip show address

Then, after booting from the DR disk, I can shift-click on the local restore option in the menu, which gives me a command prompt from WinPE.  Then I can say

     ipaddr <IP address>

Then I exit from the command window, which then goes into local restore.   I click on Back to return to the menu so that I can do a client restore.

This does not seem to me like something that would be difficult to include on the menu.  After all, Retrospect supports clients with static IP addresses, so DR should too.  At the very least, the above process should be documented in the Retrospect manual.

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Using Advanced Search in the Forums, I found this July 2011 post in a thread on the subject.  The purpose of its functioning seems different from what rfajman proposes in the post directly above in this thread, but I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator and don't understand much of it.  Note that, in the thread containing the post I linked to, c407ef61-f768-4172-acf2-0d58768780b0 was still going by the "handle" ehunternrl.

If rfajman wants to file a Support Case for this product suggestion, here is why and how to do it.

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