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Proactive backup not working right with 7.7


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I've noticed that 7.7 tries to run all of our proactive scripts regardless of whether the destination disk is present or not.


On 7.6. We had a set up where we were backing up a server using several proactive scripts. We had scripts like Exchange to Set1, Exchange to Set2, SQL to Set 1, SQL to Set2, Server System drives to Set1, etc....... This system worked great. If Set1 was in the server then the backup scripts to Set2 didn't even try to run as they recognized that Set2 was not there. We could easily go in the next morning and look at the scripts that ran vs the scripts that were supposed to run and get a good idea of whether backup ran the night before.


We tried this system with 7.7. It's not working. Retrospect's proactive scripts don't seem to care whether the drive is in the server or not. They will try to backup to it. So, we look at the logs in the morning and we see that scripts to set1 ran fine, but we see errors to set2 that the scripts terminated at the stop time. If we tweak the proactive scripts so that they run when we can monitor them, we get a prompt asking us for media for Set2. This shouldn't happen. The proactive scripts for Set2 should simply search for Set2 and if it's not on-line, they don't run or am I misunderstanding something. This is how 7.6 behaved.

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We're getting this behavior too. We have proactive scripts that backup to multiple sets, but only one set is available at a time. One backup fires off as normal, but then a second client will start, requesting media that's not there. I can see why you guys added this feature


It would be nice if we could have a selector in the media prefs to ignore media not present - or at least set the wait for media to 0 minutes. Currently, I have it set to 1 minute so these other backups will timeout quickly. This leads to lots of failed log entries and notification email though.

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We support several clients and quite some time ago, we migrated all the scripts to Proactive scripts. We had too many issues with prompting for media as it would some times mark media as unavailable. We have users who swap out their own drives. The media would be unavailable and the backups would fail. In 7.7, it prompts as the scheduled scripts of 7.6 did/does. Proactive is just that. Proactively backing up when conditions are met. Client online AND script active AND media available.


We contacted Retrospect and they indicated the way Proactive backups functioned in 7.6 was considered a "bug" which was fixed in 7.7.


Additionally, we have NEVER appreciated the error reporting within Retrospect. Proactive backups in 7.6 would at least prevents the huge number of log entries indicating the missing drive. I don't want to know the drive is missing. I KNOW the drive is missing as I swap them...sigh.


Perhaps if we get enough folks to speak up about this, it will become a feature of 7.7.x or 8.0.

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