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  1. I've gone through two site upgrades. I've discovered that there may be some incompatibilities with the 7.7 created catalog files as there were times Retrospect would crash upon initiating a groom. I recreated the catalog files under 8 and that seemed to resolve the issue. Occasionally, I would get a crash when performing a basic backup and recycling the backups seems to help also. However, the more reading I do on the forums, the more I'm seeing it might be due to the instant scan. Additionally, when I performed my first upgrade, I had issues with licensing Exchange. It would take a while to license, then indicated it wasn't licensed. I contacted support and worked with Carly Begley. We performed several days of troubleshooting when the final answer was quite simple. Apparently, their Exchange expert was out the whole week on Thanksgiving vacation. This seems absurd when they just released a pseudo production release of their beta of Retrospect 8. Anywho, I digress. I found out the following week, that .Net 4.0 needed to be installed on the Exchange server. I installed it, removed the client, added it back, Exchange licensed properly. I've been getting good backups since. No where in their documentation do they say .Net 4.0 needs to be installed nor does the client indicate it needs to be installed. I pointed this out to Carly Begley. Again, I'll have backups fail occasionally, and have been installing .Net 4.0 on those clients. I asked Carly Begley if .Net 4.0 should be installed as a standard, but she hasn't responded. This was from last week. I've sent her an email every day this week, but still no response. She must be on vacation since the Exchange guy was out all last week. Anywho, there are times when I've performed a client upgrade and I'm unable to connect to resources like SQL. I've had to uninstalled the client, delete the Retrospect configuration folder (in All Users > Application Data within Pre-2008 and in programdata off the system volume in 2008, Win7 and Vista (?)), restart and reinstall. That cleared things up. There's probably more, but, as a beta tester, I haven't come across it yet.
  2. I still think Retrospect is a great product. I am upgrading to 8 where I don't have Exchange and so far it's been working well. They had a clear (and obvious) miss with the Exchange 2010 issue. I don't know how they managed that. I contacted support and they don't have a fix for it yet.
  3. So, in all that, had you tried to backup any of your clients with version 8 while your Retrospect server was at 7.7? If so, did it work?
  4. No, Exchange 2007 hasn't come up. I do know that starting with Exchange 2007, Retrospect (as well as other backup solutions) have some very specific requirements. You need to follow the steps in the link EXACTLY or you are NOT going to get a successful backup of Exchange. http://bit.ly/108iRJa
  5. Support is aware of a bug in version 8 where the Exchange Agent license doesn't apply properly to the Exchange database and backups of the Exchange database fails. It's evident in Exchange 2010 because that's the version where I'm currently having the issue. I've provided debug logs to support and am waiting for a fix. I don't know when the fix will be released, but have been told by Carly (Retrospect support) that I'll get an update by EOD today. If you have Exchange, wait on installing version 8.
  6. I'm seeing some old posts that this issue was resolved Q1/Q2 of 2011, but I'm seeing this error on a few select mailboxes. The rest of the mailboxes backup just fine. I've run repairs on the mailboxes, but this hasn't seemed to resolve the issue. I'm currently at version 7.7.620 on the server. The Server 2008 R2 running Exchange 2010 SP1 is at version 7.7.114. Is the fix still to roll back to a previous version? If so, what version? Thanks! Toby
  7. What's the difference between the two urls below besides the last one containing the 612 update? http://www.roxio.com...re_updates.html and http://www.retrospec...pport/downloads Thanks!
  8. We support several clients and quite some time ago, we migrated all the scripts to Proactive scripts. We had too many issues with prompting for media as it would some times mark media as unavailable. We have users who swap out their own drives. The media would be unavailable and the backups would fail. In 7.7, it prompts as the scheduled scripts of 7.6 did/does. Proactive is just that. Proactively backing up when conditions are met. Client online AND script active AND media available. We contacted Retrospect and they indicated the way Proactive backups functioned in 7.6 was considered a "bug" which was fixed in 7.7. Additionally, we have NEVER appreciated the error reporting within Retrospect. Proactive backups in 7.6 would at least prevents the huge number of log entries indicating the missing drive. I don't want to know the drive is missing. I KNOW the drive is missing as I swap them...sigh. Perhaps if we get enough folks to speak up about this, it will become a feature of 7.7.x or 8.0.
  9. I would like to suggest the ability to print backup configuration reports. For instance, I'd like to print a report that shows how my scripts are configured. File inclusions and exclusions, options, schedule, backup sets utilitzed, clients, etc. I would also like to print backup set configurations. The drive letter, percentage of drive to consume, compression of the catalog, grooming configuration, etc. I have very complicated scripts with several backup sets and clients. It gets very confusing when I need to allocate clients to a backup set. If I can print a report, then I can determine what is being backed up to a backup set and whether it can take another client or if I need to use another backup set. Not to mention that I have lost the Retrospect configuration and had to recreate scripts, backup sets and client allocation. Thanks!
  10. Sorry to see that no one responded. However, I did resolve it myself. If anyone is curious, I deleted the contents of the Retrospect folder at path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect. Of course, this caused Retrospect to appear as if it had just been installed so I started all the way from where I enter the registration keys.
  11. I have an issue with Multi Server 7.5.387 where my Media Request Timeout threshold is not being honored. I have other installations configured for 1 minute, but this particular installation will stall all the other backup scripts until someone cancels the media request prompt due to a missing backup set. Has anyone else seen this issue and, if so, did you resolve it?
  12. When I manage my mailboxes backup script, new mailboxes do not appear. I attempt a login request to the Exchange server hoping this will refresh the listed mailboxes, but it does not. When I view the client that contains the Exchange server, I see the new mailboxes. Additionally, mailboxes that have been purged from Exchange are not removed from Retrospect. Does anyone have this challange? I am running Retrospect 7.5.387. I have Exchange 2003 with all patches and service packs running on Windows 2003 Server with all patches and service packs. Thanks!
  13. Paul - Why do you use this method for backups? What do your scripts look like? We currently have one script that has two backup sets assigned to it. One of those is off-site. We swap those drives out every week. Also, we keep the catalog file on a separate drive. I know others keep the catalog file with their backup set, but I still don't understand the purpose of this method. Can you explain why you do it this way? Thanks! Toby
  14. I was recently checking the backups on my Retrospect server. When I launched Retrospect, I was confronted with the new installation wizard asking for my serial numbers. Once I performed the registration, to my dismay, I discovered all of my clients, scripts and backup sets were not listed. It was, as far as Retrospect was concerned, a new installation. After some troubleshooting, I discovered the Retrospect content within the folder at this path had been "reset": "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect". After having several issues with a 7.0 to 7.5 upgrade, I reinstalled Retrospect from scratch and previously renamed the Retrospect folder at the above path. On a hunch, I renamed the new Retrospect folder to Retrospect.old and the previous Retrospect folder back to Retrospect. Closed Retrospect and launched it. All my scripts, clients and backup sets were listed prior to my reinstallation of Retrospect 7.5. In my previous configuration, I was getting a full backup of my Retrospect backup server. I attempted to rebuild the catalog file for that backup set and restore the All Users profile folder to obtain the previous Retrospect folder at the above path. No luck. I was not able to recover from an obvious disaster ON my Retrospect server. I have three questions. First, what the heck happened to my Retrospect server installation?!?!? Second, is my current backup solution not the best (i.e., design of scripts, backup set rotation, saving of snapshots, etc.)? Three, has anyone else experienced this particular challenge? I am currently on 7.5 of the latest build. I'll reveal more of my Retrospect server if anyone needs that information to help answer my questions.
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