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  1. What's the secret key combination to enable the advanced preferences? I used to search it out in the old forums, but they're not working too well... Thanks in advance.
  2. In anticipation of getting our Exchange 2010 add-on license, I upgraded our server to .533. Didn't think I'd run into the W2K3 problem since we're doing all our server backups via VCB. Last night my VCB file-level scripts all failed -1101 File/Directory not found. Haven't met another soul on the user forums who's using VCB, but any advice or "me too" comments would be helpful before I spend time on this problem. Also, it took me days to get hold of anyone at Roxio to take my money for the Exchange 2010 add-on. In fact, they still haven't - they're checking my value pack serial number and will get back to me. Once again, I feel like I have to beg you guys to take my money so I can deal with regression issues before I come to the problems with the new features. :-( :-( :-(
  3. I don't know how I managed to do this on our exchange server because it won't work anywhere else - I cannot backup to a UNC path on either of our domain controllers for example (w2k8 x86). I did get it to work on exchange 2010 SP1 running on 2008 R2. The mail databases and transaction logs are on their own volumes - don't know if that makes any difference. The only problem is there's no option other than 'overwrite' when backing up to a remote volume. I have to be careful to have retrospect backup the remote volume when it's not being written to by windows backup. I'm backing up my exchange 2010 vm using a retrospect VCB image script. I have successfully restored from the ground-up with these backups. That said, looking forward to message-level and mailbox-level recovery as well as disaster recover.
  4. Replicate, then backup just the replica - like it! Specifically what exchange services would you stop? Looks like maybe just the replication and information store services? Or do you shut it all down?
  5. I believe that WSB, when backing up to a remote volume will only overwrite. You'd have to carefully time your retrospect back to backup the remote volume.
  6. What's everyone doing for a backup solution? Two options that have come to mind: Use windows server backup to backup database and transaction log contents to a network volume the retrospect server can subsequently back up. Make a retrospect event handler to shutdown all exchange services, backup the databases and transaction logs, reboot the server. I'm most comfortable with this method as it's how we've been backing up our Lotus Domino server for over a decade. Thoughts anyone?
  7. Squeaky wheel says: Sure would be good to have this relatively soon. We planned our Ex2010 migration around the 'unofficial' release date of retrospect summer 2010. We're pushing ahead anyway and we'll figure out some other way to backup in the meantime. But mailbox level backups sure will be nice!
  8. Took the plunge, re-upgraded to 7.7 so I could get Retrospect/VCB working. Setup (all on a single HP DL380): Retrospect 7.7 multi, value pack Virtual Center 2.5 U6 VCB 1.5 A single, (extra, dedicated) 1gbE link into a iSCSI SAN switch - the primary ESX datastore. The backup set is disk-based on a separate, direct-attached array. Went through the 7.7 addendum step by step, and at first, couldn't get the retrospect script to do anything other than, "no files needed to be backed up" - for either a file-level or image-level backup. I could confirm, through running vcbmounter.exe via the command line, that I could get an image or file backup onto my backup drive - just couldn't get Retrospect to do it. My thinking was, somehow, the VC_RetroEventHandler either wasn't getting called, or wasn't finding the VCB framework folder correctly. Got frustrated, called technical support. Haven't heard back from them yet (they asked me to email them the VCB_RetroEvenHandler.bat and the config.js files). In the meantime, I got a fresh, untouched, VCB_RetroEventHandler.bat and config.js and re-edited them, re-copied them to their correct locations, re-started the server. Now it works - perfectly so far. I don't know what I did wrong. The ONLY thing I can tell that I did different is in the VCB_RetroEvenHandler.bat: I added a "\" at the end of the framework path statement: set VCB_FRAMEWORK_PATH=c:\Program Files\VMWare\VMWare Consolidated Backup Framework\ The instructions on page 11 leave it off. Don't know if this is what did the trick or I made some other typo. It is pretty durn cool to be able to snapshot a server and back it up right from the SAN in the middle of the day with no impact on the production network and (seemingly) no impact on end-user performance.
  9. Being intimately familiar with VCB and its CLI, I'd say what you're envisioning for Retrospect functionality is pretty darn near impossible (but I like the way you think!) VCB just doesn't work that way. Even vRanger (a pretty mature, enterprise product by all accounts) takes some time to wrap your head around, has a gui that looks like a** and on top of all that, is insanely expensive for backup "middleware". It is however, rock-solid reliable. We'll see if Retro VCB is... IMHO, Retrospect wasn't any more difficult to set up, offers way more functionality on the backend and is practically free for this single feature compared to vRanger.
  10. Ok, well...guest level backups are sooooooooo 2002. I'm really looking for a VCB success story out there. VCB compatibility is one of the reasons we purchased the 7.7 upgrade. We've also downgraded to 7.6 because of the memory leak/exchange -557 problems, but those seem to be fixed with the latest patch. Time to take another crack at 7.7.
  11. Anyone successfully backing up an ESX 3.5 server with 7.7 yet? More importantly, successfully restoring? :-) Was it pretty straightforward (the 7.7 addendum seems so), did you run into any unforseens? I'd like to switch from vRanger (which is expensive) and start doing image and file level backups from Retrospect. Retrospect Server, VirtualCenter and VCB are all installed on the same server, ready to go.
  12. That turned out to be not too difficult - we re-installed 7.6, still had our old config files. Made a new disk set and catalog to use temporarily (I hope) with 7.6. It's been running since late last night. Today, the scripts are churning through the connected laptop with no problems. Note: we haven't rolled back *any* of the clients. We have quite a few W2k3 and W2k8 servers on the 7.7 client and macs on the 6.3.028 client. No errors so far. I assume if things go pear-shaped, I can quit 7.6, fire up 7.7 and restore from one of the backups it made sporadically over the past few weeks.
  13. We have completely restored a bricked macbook pro 10.6.2, using the 6.3.028 client and 7.7 server: 1) Cloned our golden master OS 10.6.2 a new HD and installed in the mbp. 2) Installed retrospect client 6.3.028 on the mbp. 3) Did a full restore from the 7.7 server. According to the user, their mbp was at exactly the state it was before it died (catastrophic HD failure).
  14. thx railes, those are my thoughts exactly. I need to get backups out the door right now. I'm only backing up to disksets so I thought I'd recycle my oldest one (or two) to use in 7.6 and leave my newest sets intact in case of emergency. What I'd *really* like to hear from someone is that they've successfully backed up the newest client versions for 7.7(mac 6.3.028 and win 7.7.106) with 7.6. I already downgraded my test server at home and I can backup my mac laptop (6.3.028) with no errors. Haven't tried a full restore tho!
  15. I can't wait for these showstoppers to be fixed so I'm going to spend the foreseeable future downgrading to 7.6. I still have my config75. From what other posters have said, 7.6 can't work with 7.7 catalogs and I'll need to downgrade all the clients. My new Win7 boxes won't be able to be backed up. I can work around that. Anything else I'm missing or any tips anyone cares to share? TIA
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