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Waiting for TCP/IP in client's control panel


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We are in the process of implementing the Retrospect Backup Server


5.6(Windows). We already installed retrospect client (ver. 4.3) onto four


Macintosh computers.




We are finding that when a Mac laptop is used outside the business network


(like at home) and then reconnected to the business network the next morning,


the Retrospect STATUS (client computer) remains at WAITING FOR TCP/IP (although


the client is actively participating other network activities). In this state


there is no communications between the Retrospect server and the client. The


only fix is to restart the computer (client) and then the STATUS return to READY


and the backup operation occurs.




The server gives error –541 when tries to access the same client.




All the Macs are having Mac os 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 (open transport version 2.7.9 and tcpip also 2.7.9). The setting “Load only when needed” of TCP/IP option under the TCP/IP control panel was unchecked.




Is there any solution to this problem without restarting the client?









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Thanks for your prompt response. I am sorry to bring this issu again because still I am not convinced.




The reason is, at one instant, I also observed that when the laptop (Mac) was put in sleep, disconnected the network cable, re-connected the network cable and woke up the computer, the status of client control panel was "Waiting for TCP/IP" although I could accessed the other network resources like network volumes and checked emails without any problem.




I am simulating this scenario same as home and office with creating different location with proper TCP/IP configuration (means at home location the computer is using PPP configuration and at office it is using TCP/IP configuration). There is no problem with other network activities but why only with Retrospect?




Any more ideas please...

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Thank you for your advice. I did this exercise (i.e. turning the client Off and On) but had no effect. Even when I turned off the client from the control panel, the status did not change and remained in waiting for tcp/ip state. I had the same scenario even after re-installing the client software.




Any more ideas?



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I can ping the client using ping command from the PCs as well as from Mac using OTTool when the client’s status shows Waiting for TCP/IP. Earlier email I noted that, (when client’s control panel shows STATUS as Waiting for TCP/IP) I can send/receive emails, can browse the Internet and can access all the network volumes This situation clearly shows that there is no problem with TCP/IP connection.




When I opened the TCP/IP control panel of the client in that state, I saw the usual information such as valid IP Address, Subnet mask, Router Address, Name server Address etc.




It seems that the client software is not aware of the presence of the network connection (when the computer was put in sleep, disconnected from the network then re-connected to the network and woke up from the sleep) and there was no effect even turning On/Off the client. It seems that client software is not responding.




Any more clues please?



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You mentioned the Mac laptops are running OS 9.2.x. Are these also running OS/X?




OS 9.1 is typical for non-OS/X machines. The OS 9.2.x is generally the classic OS mode for OS/X machines. OS/X involved in your situation at all?




We have a number of Laptops and mobile Macs in the school that are unhooked from the data jacks and/or taken home and plugged back in. Especially the laptops have client set to backup ASAP and the Mac Retrospect machine usually sees these right away and backs them up. Don't have info from a Windows Retrospect box for you. Hope this stirs some ideas.

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