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  1. lv2ski

    Manual Selection getting deleted

    You cannot make manual selections in a schedule. There is no preview button like there is in a Immediate duplicate.
  2. lv2ski

    Adding Zip Disks to Backup Set

    Erase the disk with Retrospect and do not name it. Configure/Devices and erase.
  3. lv2ski

    Cant see volumes

    This seems to be an indication of a permissions problem. Make sure the Everyone group is assigned to the hard disks. Uninstall and Reinstall the client while logged in as admin, make sure the everyone group has not been removed from the root of each disk. See what happens.
  4. lv2ski


    1800 225 4880 can give you a fresh new clean trial code if needed in the interim.
  5. lv2ski

    OS vs Device Compatibility

    Does Ricoh's site say that this drive is supported under XP? Do they have anything on their site you need to download - drivers etc for this drive to work correctly under XP? I would start there.
  6. lv2ski

    backup freezes

    System restore is completly turned off? Does it always freeze at the same location during backup? Are you duplicating or backing up?
  7. lv2ski

    Adding Zip Disks to Backup Set

    You need to forget that disk as a member if you want to re-use it. Is it erased? Is it a completely new disk? What is the name of the disk under My Computer?
  8. lv2ski

    Express for Windows ??

    6.0 does not have an Express version anymore. Professional is the minimum version of Retrospect on the Windows side.
  9. lv2ski

    Is this even possible?

    yes. You need to have port 497 open!
  10. lv2ski


    1.1b is the only firmware that works with Retrospect and this drive.
  11. lv2ski

    Retrospect 4.3 and IP

    Did you add the clients via IP address when you first added them after switching to TCP/IP? IF so...that is why they can't be found the 2nd time around. Instead add them via multi cast which is just going to Configure/Clients and clicking on the client and picking add.
  12. lv2ski

    Trying to get started

    This drive is not supported with Retrospect at this time. Dantz goes through a rigorous qualification process with every drive we test. This means that not every drive will be qualified and we can never guarantee that a particular device will be supported. For a list of the drives that are currently compatible with Retrospect software, please check our device compatibility guide at: www.dantz.com/hardware
  13. Run the script while watching it. What does it say its doing after it recycles? Is it just sitting there waiting for something?
  14. Are your clients in different subnets? Do you have multiple subnets?