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  1. Hi, Sorry I misunderstood your initial post! Here's some information from our developers: Macintosh chunk files (upon which catalogs are based) are limited to 2GB. This was the design specification for chunk files initially. The Windows product uses a newer version of chunk files that works with truly gargantuan amounts of data. You should be able to nearly double the capacity of your catalogs by turning on catalog compression in backup set properties. Since compressed chunks are 30-50% of the original size then more of them fit into the 2GB space available.
  2. What version of the client software? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Did this ever work? If not, when did the kernel panic start?
  3. No. I've backed up to file backup sets greater than 2 GB without a problem. Can you claify though? Is this a file backup that has split into a separate catalog file and data file? Is the catalog portion of that set approaching 2 GB? Can you repair the file backup set (from the Tools menu)? Can you reproduce this on another machine?
  4. Putting the Retrospect driver update in the Retrospect folder should NOT cause kernel panics! Have you tried downloading the RDU again? Can you provide a little more detail on your configuration please? Retrospect Version and build Computer Model and speed OS X exact version Device (from Retrospect's Configure > Devices > Device Status window) Device firmware (in the version column of the Device Status window) Other Devices SCSI Card SCSI Card firmware Thanks, Irena Solomon Dantz Tech Support
  5. Retrospect will use new, erased, or prenamed tapes. If you don't want to prename them, just let Retrospect use erased tapes and it will automatically select them for a scripted operation.
  6. Unfortunately, OS X is only supported on G3s or G4s; upgrade cards are not supported at this time, neither by Apple nor Dantz. Apple's OS X system requirements state: "Computers with microprocessor upgrade cards do not work with Mac OS X. Though Mac OS X may install and appear to function normally on some computers with third-party microprocessor upgrade cards, Apple does not provide technical support or assistance for Mac OS X when used in this way." You'll need to install the appliation on an OS 9 machine, or a G3/G4 running OS X.
  7. You don't need to set up separate scripts for each day. Do you mean that you want to back up to 5 different backup sets -- one each night? If so, create a single script with all 5 backup sets in your Destinations. Then, use the scheduler to schedule backup on Mondays to one set, on Tuesdays to another set and so on. Details on setting this type of rotation up are at: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27517 As for defining which tapes Retrospect uses, I'm a little unclear as to what your question is. Are you unable to control the loader through Retrospect? Or are you unsure how to give the tapes in the loader the correct names? If it's the latter, you can prename the tapes in the loader if you like. You can also make Retrospect name them by backing up just a few files to each tape -- you'll have to pick the tape you want to use and have Retrospect erase and name it. Ideally, you can just erase all the tapes that are in the loader and let Retrospect pick tapes as needed. Then just label the tapes according to how Retrospect has named them. If you aren't able to control the loader, make sure that you are running the latest, 5.0.205. If not, download at: ftp://ftp.dantz.com/pub/updates/Retrospect_50205_Update.sit Also, be sure that you are running the drive off of a *supported* SCSI card with the same pin configuration as the drive. For cards supported under OS X, see: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27381
  8. There shouldn't be any problems with this type of action under 10.2, assuming you're entering a valid code. Make sure that you're typing something in each field. Also, be sure you're entering your 16 digit 5.0 alpha-numeric license code, and not a 4.3 code, or your registration number. If you'd like to confirm you're entering in a valid code, give Customer Service a call at 888.777.5664.
  9. The update to 5.0.205? I just downloaded it without a problem. Maybe the website was having problems when you tried?
  10. As noted elsewhere on the forum, this issue with Retrospect and Jaguar is known, and we will address it in a Jaguar-compatibility update in the near future. Thanks!
  11. What happens if you don't use the Preview window and go straight to backup?
  12. Dantz is aware of and actively investigating this issue. Please note that we do plan on releasing a 10.2-compatible update in the near future.
  13. Version numbers listed in the Compatibility List are actually the minimum version for support. For hard drives, compatibility is based only on the hard drive's compatibility with the operating system, unlike CD drives, for which Retrospect uses custom drivers. If a hard drive is supported by OS X, then it will work in Retrospect 5.0 as well.
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