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resume a paused script?

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I have a similar problem. After I pause a script and reboot I cannot restart it, I need to delete the activity, go to the Scripts page and RUN it again. The activity entry of the paused script looks like:


Date Name Type Source

Today at 9:00 - - -

Rebooting terminates the script. It has to be run again.

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One problem I have is that if I pause a script, I can't do anything at that point...i.e. let's say I want to manage some retro clients, I can't do that when pausing the script. I guess this is something that will be fixed in 8?


I don't understand why the pause script button exists in the first place, since you can't do anything except resume the script, and even that doesn't always seem to work....

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Retrospect is using up all the resources (network access, disk access, cpu power etc) on the server (and sometimes on the client, too), so pausing at least allows you to perform tasks outside Retrospect.


On the Windows version, you can do practically anything while a script runs (within reason) and the new Retrospect for Mac is said to do all you can do in the Windows version.

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