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  1. To follow up my own post, it seems like I forgot to delete the old machine from retro, and retro got confused. I deleted the old machine, then retro found the moved machine, so I am good now...
  2. I swapped machines around and deleted the existing client from retrospect's sources. Now I want to add it back, but when I click "Add" (in sources), I see the machine with a green icon to the left. I select this machine and the Add button goes away. How can I add this machine back? Already tried stopping and starting the engine... Thanks
  3. I would like to run a daily backup (mon-fri) for the whole month, starting on the 1st, stopping on the last day of the month. Ideally, on the first run it would perform a new media backup, and the rest of the backups would be incremental (no media action). Can I do this in one scheduled script? Looking in the scripts > schedules window, it appears that if I pick "start new media set" or "recycle media set" that a new media (or recycle) would be performed each time the script is run, which isn't what I want... Do I need to use 2 scripts, one for the new media, and one for the daily backup, and have them write to the same media set? If so, there doesn't seem to be a way of scheduling a stop on the last friday of the month (or maybe there is, but I am somehow missing it) Thanks in advance!
  4. To follow up my own post, the script had indeed hung. I had to force quit retro, then stop the engine on the retro server. Then I started the engine, restarted the console, then re-ran the same script, which worked....
  5. I am running a disk to tape copy backup script (which I had previously run manually a few weeks ago). Comparing the logs of the 2 scripts, it seems to have hung up right before I should receive the "execution completed successfully" message, i.e. it says verifying and transferring, but not execution completed successfully. It took approx 6 hours previously, the current hung script started on Sat, so it should be done by now... Activities shows the 2 arrows chasing each other... besides aborting the script, can I do anything to force retro to update itself or skip what it is doing? Thanks
  6. In retro 6, I was able to select all tapes and erase them in one shot. I can't seem to figure out how to do this in retro 8, so I have been erasing tapes one at a time (dragging them from each slot to the read/write drive, then clicking erase) Can someone explain to me how I go about queuing up and erasing all tapes in the library in one step a la retro 6? Thanks!
  7. It would be nice if there was a trash or something that held the deleted scripts... It would also be nice if it didn't require 4 clicks to add the home folder as a source for a script! Grrr (can't be too mad, it is my fault after all, and I didn't read the dialog)
  8. I was attempting to delete a source in scripts > sources, when I hit delete I mindlessly clicked OK to the warning dialog regarding deleting the script. Is there a way to get my script back? Recreating it in't a big deal, but I would prefer to "pick up from where I left off", i.e. use the same scheduling, media set, sources etc. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  9. Your suggestion, as well as the followup suggestion, make too much sense, hence they weren't implemented. Time to dig out my retro 6 manual and refresh my memory :-) Thanks again!
  10. Hi, do the terms in media action mean the same thing in retro 8 as they do in retro 6? Also, do the meanings change based on media set (i.e. disk, tape etc) I tried leafing thru the voluminous user documentation, and didn't see an explanation in the getting started guide... Tried watching the movie too, but there was no sound... any links/explanations greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for the kind words, I still feel stupid :-) It would be nice if the dialog was clear as to what it needed, i.e. source or destination.... Anyway, it's chugging away now, hopefully it will finish without a hitch so I can set a schedule....
  12. Looks like it was stupidity on my part.... Basically, while going thru the process to collect the screen shots, I realized that retrospect was prompting me to provide the source (in the past, when a script has stopped because it needs media, usually it is prompting for tapes). I misunderstood what retrospect was asking me, it actually wanted the source, not destination. Once I clicked "browse" in the script source window and selected the sources, I was able to run the script! Thanks again for your help, without your request for the screenshots I would not have realized my error.....
  13. to further clarify, I ran a test backup where I backed up one machine directly to the tape drive. Ran without a hitch. Also, when I started the script (by pressing the run button), I was prompted with a "back up to which media set" dialog box where I was able to pick my newly created tape media set....
  14. Oops, sorry I forgot to answer that question.. Yes, I am able to backup to tape directly
  15. Sorry, I forgot to post the config info... engine and console 8.1 build 626 engine and console are on separate machines (I also have the console installed on the server machine) Hardware: exabyte LTO 1x7 (firmware up to date) atto UL5D scsi card (also up to date) 10.5.8 client on a macpro xx2.8 quad core with 4GB RAM, console computer is same mac pro running 10.6.2 thanks
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