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Install Problem: Can't run Retrospect


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We have a Matrox One Touch II with Retrospect Express HD 1.0. The setup was

working but stopped working at some point. When running Retrospect

the window comes up with 0 restore points, the on/off buttons grayed

out and the restore button grayed out. I can click on the setup button

but nothing happens..... btw - it also takes a *long* time for the tool

to launch.


Running the Maxtor software I can see the drive, it tests out 100% and

reports all the information about it. I can explore the drive and see that

it has data on it.


I just can't launch Retrospect....


I can see the Retrospect.exe and retrorun.exe processes but they are

at 0% CPU.


I've tried to repair the install and completely uninstalled and reinstalled

but everything continues to have the same results....

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I kept digging and found this: Take a look at the add remove programs. I had both ver 1 and ver 2. of microsoft.net Dantz 1.0 or 1.1 HD will NOT work with microsoft.net ver 2.0

I uninstalled ver 2 and uninstalled Dantz. Reloaded the software and drivers from the original Maxtor CD(a must)following the procedure exactly. You cannot upgrade to ENC 1.1 unless you have the Dantz 1.0 on your computer. After the reboot I was able to pull up Dantz, registered as asked, ergo the screen came and loaded the software which was then able to speak and access the external hard drive. Did 2 backups to make certain alls well, then installed ENC 1.1 which it did without a hitch. If you are behind a fire wall like ZoneAlarm makes sure all the programs are enable through ZA.

Hope this solves your problems as well. smile.gif

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