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Im a bit confused about backup sets. I have Retrospect 5.5 workgroup and am using multiple tapes. I am just backing up a hard drive on the server everynite. The problem is that when the tapes are switched it asks for a different tape. I just want to be able to throw a tape in, backup the files that have been changed (after a full backup has been performed) and do the same thing the next day and not have to worry about it. Is there a spefic order for which tapes get inserted is there? I ve noticed that it names some tapes 1-backup, or 1-backup[001] and so on, what does this mean?



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I have a similar problem but it is not acceptable in my case to change the tapes like a machine every single day. I would like to know if there is ANY possible way to set up Retrospect 5.5 to backup to any tape, (part of the BACKUP SET or not) any time. If I don't change the Monday tape I want it to backup to the existing tape with a NORMAL backup.


It is more important to have your system backed up when you miss a tape than to keep the tapes in order. If Retrospect can't do this then it is not a flexible solution.


I can't understand why restores would be harder. If Retrospect keeps a Database of the files, where they are, and when they were backed up, then it should have no problems finding files in different tapes no matter what.


There should be a way to do this. Can someone please tell me there is or not. If there is, how?



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