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Disaster Recovery ISO too gig

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I just moved my tape drive and Retrospect Desktop 5.6.132 to a new machine, Dell Dimension 4500. Both machines run Win XP Pro.




I made a backup of my boot partition. Because I have only a 2-gig dat drive, I excluded some folders that never change like \I386. This was about 1.4 gigs on the tape.




Then I went through setting up disaster recovery. It created a 940 meg ISO file. This is too large for a standard cd-r. From the help files and instructions, it looks like Retrospect should have created a correctly sized ISO file.




Any suggestions?

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My boot partition has an i386 directory, some of my key program files, and some Dell support files. All told it's about


3 gigs used. My backup tape of C: excludes i386 and some other things, and is 1.4 gigs.




But why should this matter? What possible reason could there be for Retrospect creating a clearly unusable ISO file?


This has to be a bug. In fact, if I hadn't repartitioned my drive when I got the new machine, there would be 10 gigs


on C:. I have to assume that many users never repartition and just keep everything on C:.



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I have a copy of i386 on C: and E:. I pointed Retrospect to E:. I could point it to the cdrom, and put in the WinXP cdrom, but why should this be necessary or make a difference? If Retrospect is making a non-spec ISO file because it's including i386 from the hard drive, why would it be less likely to make the same error if i386 is on a cdrom? And why no error messages, like: "Your files are too large to fit on a disaster boot cdrom. Do xxx"

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