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Move Catalogs

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a sort of clever way of doing it BUT its not exactly how you'd expect it to work. It took me an hour of searching through the program, searching through the registry, and checking ini files, before coming to the knowledge base (which didn't help at all) and then checked the forum and found my answer.




you might want to think about using a windows standard method, like putting the path in the program preferences, a registry key, or at least in an ini file for your windows versions.




to be honest, this is the first time in 15 years of computing that i've come accross this method to tell a program where it's files are.




other than some of the UI wierdness and strange methods of doing things (i'd assume its because of the programs origins) i think this is a great product.




Unfortunately i think it is too difficult for a windows savvy user to become confident using the current interface as they have to learn a completely alien UI.







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Move it to another drive. Right click/copy/paste on new drive. Copy it over. No special way. Once you have it where you want it. Double click on it...that will tell Retrospect where it's located after the move.




This is really all you have to do. You do not have to edit the registry at all. Double clicking on the catalog file makes it relocate to Retrospect.

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Inline is right. The method to move catalog files is completely non-intuitive, and also, completely undocumented. I never would have guessed in a million years to move the files and double-click on them. Just make the catalog location in Preferences editable like every other Windows program on the planet. (And while you're at it, put Ok on the left and Cancel on the right so I don't keep clicking Cancel by mistake.)

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