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bug - excluded files still give sharing violation

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Is this a known bug? If so, is there a plan to fix it?


On Windows 2000 NTFS volumes, Retrospect 5.6 reports a sharing violation in the log for certain open files even if the file is excluded from the backup. For instance, my SQL Server data files are excluded from my backup using a Selector but I still get:

File "C:\MSSQL7\Data\master.mdf": can't read security information, error -1020 (sharing violation)

Across my backup domain, this problem generates approximately 80 unnecessary errors with every backup despite my efforts to carefully exclude all these files. frown.gif







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Retrospect uses a Microsoft API to back up the NTFS security information. That API is "all or nothing". It does not allow you to exclude items from the copying of the NTFS permissions.




Basically excluding a file from backup, and excluding the file from NTFS permissions are different mechanisms. Unless we change the way we copy NTFS permissions, this basically cosmetic error, will continue.

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While there may be no way for you to prevent these errors from being reported by the API you should really provide a mechanism for preventing them from being reported in the log. Call it crying wolf or decreasing the signal to noise ratio, it is not good to be complacent about "ignorable errors". All those errors in the backup make it inherently less likely that a busy operator will recognize a real problem when it occurs and that is a significant flaw.




I doubt it would be necessary to change how security information is backed up. Perhaps you could program your log routine not to log a -1020 (or -1017 or -1101) error as a backup error if it refers to an excluded item. At least don't log it as an error, call it something else and help us focus on things that are important.




Best Regards,



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