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Disaster Recovery Direction Unclear

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Dear Support;




I was re-reading the direction created when I created the dr cd. It states to boot up using my win2k cd, if that is the case what is the point og making the dr cd bootable and coping half the windows system on to it.








Brian Vagnoni

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When building the DR CD you need your Windows CD, so you can select the i386 folder from the CD.




When doing a DR, you boot from the DR CD not the Windows CD. Once you boot from the DR CD, a Windows installer will become active, and install a temp system on the HD.

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dear mayoff;




did that and it stll doesn't find the controllers drivers either way even though they are present on the disk.








ps where is it looking for the drivers at, they are presnt in the i386 and drivers folder. I even madfe a special cd and placed them in the root of the dr cd and the system32 folder of the dr cd as well as thedrivers and i386 folder, still didn't find them




what about doinga regular windows install, installing retro and then doing the recobery.


howvere one me anyway this totally defeats the purpose andthe reason I purchased the product




pss the knowledge base is also no help it doesn't work

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This is actually a problem that Dantz is aware of, and will be fixing in the next release. The problem has to do with the way the custom installer script is handling 3rd party controller drivers.




For now, the best approach is:




If your computer crashes


1) Fix the drives


2) Install Windows to the hard disk


3) install Retrospect


4) Perform a Live Restore using the Reestore entire disk option


5) Restart




These steps will not take much longer then booting from the DR CD.

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Dear M;




Only one problem it doesn't work. WIndows 2000 file protection comes on and starts asking you for the cd. I basically had to lose data and do a normal install. Your post though welcome is a little late, like 30 days late. I'm very disappointed with the product and guess I'm going to have to spend several hundred dollars and get Backup Exec to get a product that actualy does disaster recovery for real, not pretend for my device.




Thanks Anyway A very Unhappy Customer




Brian Vvagnoni

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When you do DR it will always ask you for your original Windows cd as it wants to make sure you have it. That way you are not taking this copy of Windows and installing it on a bunch of machines.




You are right....in your situation DR doesn't work.


You would have to do steps 1-5 as mentioned above in order to do a restore of your system - and then you would have your full system back. I am not sure what you mean by missing files. If you do an entire hard drive restore, you will have your hard drive back the way it was when you backed it up.




I am sorry that you didn't get a response earlier. This is monitored by Dantz but this is not an official means of contacting Dantz support.



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