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File limit error while backup on Buffalo Terastation via SMB

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i want to do a normal backup from a FireWire Lacie Biggest Disk to the Buffalo TeraStation.

I am using:

Dantz Restrospect for Mac Workgroup 6.1.126

Mac OS X 10.4.3 and tried 10.3.7

TeraStation Firmware 1.12


I read all the threads about the limit problem (searched: "the limit is").

It is clear that i have to have an HFP+ Volume to write >2 GB files, but there is still something not explainable to me:


If i mount the TeraStation share via smb (smb:// i can copy files larger than 3 GB on the TeraStation!

Why then can't Retrospect write a file larger than 2 GB if the finder can?



02.02.2006 16:46:31 Uhr: Copying Applications on Macintosh HD

Can't add that much data to backup set.

The limit is 2,0 G.

02.02.2006 16:46:55 Uhr: Execution incomplete.



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try the driver update from here:



No wait a minute! You mean that this RDU modifies the way Retrospect writes files in File Backup Sets, yet _nothing_ is mentioned in the release notes?


Additional changes with this release



Man, I wish Dantz would document the changes in upgrades and updates. So frustrating.



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Hi Dave,


This was resovled with the first 6.1 RDU. Agreed, a cumulative update list would be good. Here are those release notes:


TITLE: Retrospect Driver Update for Retrospect 6.1 (Mac) version







New Drive Support Since Last Release



Sony DW-Q28A (Apple version) CD/DVD Drive


Dell PowerVault 110T LTO-2-L (Certance version) Tape Drive


Dell PowerVault 110T LTO-3 Tape Drive


Dell PowerVault 122T LTO-2 Autoloader Tape Library


Dell PowerVault 124T LTO-2-L Autoloader Tape Library


Dell PowerVault 124T DLT VS160 Autoloader Tape Library


Dell PowerVault 132T LTO-2 Library Tape Library


Dell PowerVault 132T LTO-3 Library Tape Library


Dell PowerVault 136T LTO-2 Library Tape Library


Dell PowerVault 136T LTO-3 Library Tape Library


Overland Storage LTO-3 LoaderXpress Tape Library


Overland Storage LTO-3 PowerLoader Tape Library


Quantum DLT-V4 Tape Drive


StorageTek L180 Tape Library



Additional changes with this release

-Improved support when writing more then 2 GB of data to a network volume




This update RDU is available for download from:




To install the RDU locate the rdu611101.dmg file. It should automatically mount on your desktop as a "disk image". This image contains the Retrospect Driver Update file. Copy it from the disk image into the Retrospect folder inside of Applications. If an RDU file already exists, you will be asked to replace it with the new one. For detailed directions on installing the RDU, please visit:




If you would like to be notified when a new Retrospect Driver Update has been made available, subscribe to the RDU Announcement Newsletter. Subscribers will only receive announcements of new RDU updates.


To subscribe visit:







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I was suprised, too!

I considered to install the RDU, but don't, because of the dokumentation.


Me three!


But I learned the hard way a long time ago that a new RDU might fix a problem I have, despite no mention in the release notes.


One of the standard replies here in this forum is: "Download the latest Retrospect and RDU and test if the problem persists."

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Just to offer a different opinion, you might not want to install the "latest" RDU if you are not having problems, but instead might want to schedule periodic maintenance and testing of new software. As an example that is apparently not being seen by other people but is being seen by me and which is repeatable (and which was reported a couple of weeks back to EMC/Dantz under our support agreement, and I'm confident that they are investigating), the most recent RDU (Retrospect 6.1.126 with RDU on Xserve G5 running Mac OS X Server 10.4.4) causes our server to hang at 100% in some sort of a spin loop, dropping all services and preventing any connection to the server, when Retrospect does its device scan of the SCSI devices. Reverting to RDU eliminates the problem. Because no one else has reported this, it may be something unique to our Xserve G5's configuration, which is non-standard in a couple of aspects (e.g., SoftRAID, Apple Hardware RAID, etc.). But I note that the Windows Retrospect forums are reporting this same issue, so I suspect that some code from the Windows build may have crept into this RDU. Point being, I wouldn't blindly install updates on a production server unless you are having problems, and, even then, I would do the update as scheduled maintenance and thoroughly test the updates before putting the server back into production. Even though EMC/Dantz does extensive testing before each release, there's no way they can test every possible configuration of a complex modern operating system on a server.


Just a suggestion and contrary view. Regards, Russ

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