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    Software to burn ISO image to CD?

    'right' != 'write'. it is a good suggestion though. cheers.
  2. hi fisher, Quote: I know that I can see the files in a terminal session. did you try Russ' trick: Quote: On Mac OS X Server, there is no /etc directory - /etc is a link to /private/etc - see: > mail:~ admin$ ls -al /etc > lrwxrwxr-x 1 root admin 11 Nov 12 2005 /etc -> private/etc you can see it's a link right there in the Terminal. cheers.
  3. hi haines, yes, the 6.1 Driver update will not work with the 6.0 application. you'll have to update the application anyway, since 6.0 is not going to work with Tiger, then you can add the Driver update if you feel that is necessary (it's mainly for compatibility with hardware). cheers.
  4. hi russ, Quote: On Mac OS X Server, there is no /etc/subversion directory at all. See: > mail:~ admin$ ls -al /etc/subversion > ls: /etc/subversion: No such file or directory i'm working from the supposition that this person installed subversion on the OS X machine. you are right that it does not come installed 'out of the box'. cheers.
  5. hi steve, could he have asked how you are backing up the BSD backend of OS X? otherwise, i'm afraid this person is a bit confused. also, there is no '/etc' directory on OS X. the /etc 'directory' is a link to /private/etc. check your backup. if you are backing up the whole drive, /private/etc/subversion should be right there. cheers.
  6. hi emilio, what happens if you change the order of the 'sources'? does the backup always fail on the same 'source'? can you back up each 'source' on the Linux machine individually without problems? it sounds like the client is getting itself into a bad state. if we can figure out what is causing that, we can probably work around the problem. cheers.
  7. hi cd, not sure why it would need to be slow (perhaps something to do with the media?), but i'm glad it worked for you. cheers.
  8. hi cd, earlier today i recommended that an express user use 'burncdcc', which he said worked well for him: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/90914/an/0/page/0#Post90914 feel free to give it a try. cheers.
  9. waltr

    ISO Disk for Disaster Recovery

    hi ken, sounds good to me, although i have no control over it. if you'd like to post that as a product suggestion, you can do that here: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/postlist.php/Cat/0/Board/Windowssuggestions cheers.
  10. hi mel, sounds like the Backup Set is in the Recycler or possibly some folder within the Recycler. if you can find it, you could probably move it out and do a quick recatalog, but it may be better in the long run to erase the drive and do the backup over. for some reason i can't see the image that you've posted but from your description that is the route i would take. HTH.
  11. waltr

    ISO Disk for Disaster Recovery

    hi ken, you should look for an option to 'Create disk from image file', or something like that. i have posted this link before to a free program that _only_ burns cd's from iso images: http://burncdcc.en.softonic.com/ie/34072 feel free to try that out. it is extremely easy to use and very tiny. others have expressed joy in using it. note that it is not my program and i have no affiliation with the company that publishes it. cheers.
  12. hi mel, could the Backup Set have been accidentally placed in an 'invisible' folder, like for example, 'System Volume Information'? even an Admin would not have privileges to this folder. you could check the size of this (and any other invisible folders) to see if they are abnormally large. if this were the case, i would recommend formatting the drive and redoing the backup in a different folder--just to avoid any future problems. HTH.
  13. hi emilio, is this the only Linux computer you are trying to back up, or do you have others that work properly? and are the 'sources' Retrospect Subvolumes, or possibly different drives? what happens if you change the order of the 'sources'? does the backup always fail on the same 'source'? cheers.
  14. hi emilio, are you using Retrospect Multiserver 6.0.X also? if not, you should upgrade to the version that matches the version of Multiserver you are using. for example, the latest Client is 7.5--but i would not use that with the 6.0 server. HTH.
  15. hi emilio, possibly, but it's really hard to tell without the version of the Retrospect Client and the version of Red Hat. could you post those? cheers.