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hundreds of report emails

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Lennart, thanks for your reply. As I described above I changed the sending time of the daily backup report from 0:00 (standard) to 3:00. Tonight we only had one backup report. So hopefully, with this change we reset the timing to working condition again. Next try: Going back to 0:00 😰

All installations are on version 18. Not every one with the latest update but some are.


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I tried it with just one installation (our own - Version 18.2). Immediately, when I set 0:00, I got another bunch of emails. So I switched the reporting off in preferences again. I played around with it: on/off, several time settings 3:00 and 0:00. When turned on again to 0:00 another email was sent. But only one. It seems the process calmed down. No more emails at the moment with standard settings.

So, probably I found a way to solve this. But the question remains: Why did this happen?

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