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  1. I tried it with just one installation (our own - Version 18.2). Immediately, when I set 0:00, I got another bunch of emails. So I switched the reporting off in preferences again. I played around with it: on/off, several time settings 3:00 and 0:00. When turned on again to 0:00 another email was sent. But only one. It seems the process calmed down. No more emails at the moment with standard settings. So, probably I found a way to solve this. But the question remains: Why did this happen?
  2. Lennart, thanks for your reply. As I described above I changed the sending time of the daily backup report from 0:00 (standard) to 3:00. Tonight we only had one backup report. So hopefully, with this change we reset the timing to working condition again. Next try: Going back to 0:00 😰 All installations are on version 18. Not every one with the latest update but some are. Regards
  3. Since the European time section of daylight saving time ended last weekend we got tons of emails of the daily backup report. This is on four different locations (four customers). Did anyone notice the same issue? I changed the sending time from 0:00 to 3:00. Wondering if this helps... Regards from Hamburg Olaf
  4. David, thank you for your support. Changing to semicolon brings us back to business. It works again. Thanks a lot and best regards from Hamburg, Olaf
  5. Too bad, you can't reproduce our problem. Perhaps my answers and screenshots may get us any further. ... are you not getting any email notifications at all in this case? No. Neither e-mail-address got a new message then. The only confirmation of Retrospect was trying to send e-mails is in its logs Unfortunately, the logs didn't get more detailed with increased "SetNetworkingLogging"-value of "retro.ini" from 3 to 7. ... do the E-mail preferences look correct while still getting no email? Yes, they do. Even after a restart of the RetroEngine they look exactly like they did before we upgraded. ... showing how the first address is separated from the second. The separator didn't change from before the upgrade: It's a comma without leading or following blank. Any idea?
  6. Hi everybody, when we upgraded to 10.1 email notification stopped working though testing the email settings (button at Retrospect's settings section) works perfectly. I tested a lot and found the problem might be with the "To:"-address(es): Everytime we filled the field with our (formerly perfectly working) two mail-addresses, the log shows error -597( mail server not found). Each address used separately works, instead. But again: Testing the email settings with both addresses filled in works. May anybody confirm this? Is this a bug? Regards, Olaf
  7. Steven, did you figure out any procedure or workaround for your RDX-issue? I've got problems with those RDX-drives, too. I think, trouble started after upgrading to Retrospect v8.2. In v8.0 RDX-drives were treated as "normal" HDDs, weren't they? Therefore, their cartridges couldn't got ejected within Retrospect Console. In v8.2 RDX-drives were treated as "Removable Disks" (which can now be unloaded within Retrospect Console). When you erase a cartridge within Retrospect Console, Retrospect fills the cartridge up with files named "Retrospect Data", "Retrospect Data 1", ... or similar, each of them 2 GB in size. This procedure lasts a few hours, when Retrospect finishes this job, Retrospect Console shows the cartridge as an empty TAPE. May one use the cartridges as tape-based Media-Sets, then? Otherwise, when you do the erasing job in "Finder", the cartridge is shown named "Unknown" with "Content unrecognized". Yes, you may use this for file-based Media-Sets, but the Media Sets don't get recycled -> New Media request. Also, when you change cartridges to prepare Retrospect for the next backup, the newly inserted cartridge is not accepted -> New Media request ... :-( Any idea anybody? Olaf
  8. As I mentioned in my original post, we are using a RDX-Drive and its RDX-cartridges are containing 2,5"-SATA HDDs.
  9. I see, that makes things a lot clearer to me. Thank you so far, CallMeDave. Is erasing a Media Set member scriptable or have we to erase it manually after inserting the cartridge? What about the "cleaning"-option (I think the english version uses "grooming") of a Media Set? When we determine a static number of backups being hold on the cartridge - is there still any need for using the recycling-option? I suggest, the catalog-file would be updated, when an older backup is erased, wouldn't it?
  10. Hello everyone, I think, I'm missing some understanding about working with Recycling Backups. May someone please give me the needed hint? We are using two RDX-cartridges, changing them once a week. When each cartridge comes back into play, it should get a fresh volume of data. Therefore, a skript with "Recycling Backup"-option is started at suitable time. The following backups for the actual week are normal backups (incremental). The problem: After changing the cartridge, the backup-script starts at given time, logs and mails some thing like "8/6/2011 12:33:36 AM: Recycle backup: The Media Set was reset" and a few minutes after that, when Retrospect has finished collecting current information about data to be saved, another mail indicates "Script Backup Server: waiting for media" How may I tell Retrospect to use the cartridge whose content/catalog it just reset? Which option have I missed to activate for the Media Set? Any suggestions? (My workaround so far: Stopping the stucked scripts, restart Retrospect engine, initiating the recycling backup manual)
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