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Retrospect 6.0 Update

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Earlier today Dantz released Retrospect 6.0.193, an update to Retrospect 6.0 for Macintosh.


This update makes some very important fixes to Retrospect 6.0, including dramatic speed improvements when copying the file permissions during a duplicate or restore. Specifically this will speed up Retrospect while "closing" the execution.


This update is available at http://www.dantz.com/updates


Other changes include support for 10.3.3. For a complete list of changes see below:


Tape Autoloader and Fibre Channel Tape Libraries: This build includes an updated Device Access bundle (version 1.0.5) that provides a workaround to a Mac OS 10.3.3 bug that prevented tape autoloaders and fibre channel tape libraries from working.


Slow Duplicates and Restores: Retrospect has made changes to the “closing” phase of these operations to increase speed.


Media Capacity Display: The Media Capacity window for backup set members now correctly indicates that the displayed capacity is in GB, not MB.


Retrospect “Hangs” or Generates Error 108: Retrospect no longer hangs or generates an error when accessing older (pre-6.0) backup sets with many sessions.


New Media Backups to Older Backup Sets: Retrospect now allows "New Media" backups to older (pre-6.0) backup sets. As with all New Media backups, a new backup set is created (in this case a 6.0-compatible backed set) with a similar name to the old backup set.


Recreating Catalogs for Internet Backup Sets: Users should no longer see the error “assert at module.c-654” when recreating Retrospect 5.1 Internet backup set catalogs.


Restoring from Older Internet Backup Sets: Users can now restore data from older (pre-6.0) Internet backup sets.

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