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What's typical for how long grooming takes?

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Are the data or the catalog files for the two media sets on the same volume? If "yes", then it's a really bad idea grooming both at the same time. They get in each others way accessing the volumes. It can take much longer that way than running them in sequence.


So you just have to wait. (I'm assuming you do see some disk activity going on...)

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Grooming depends on two things (basically): (1) How many files/backups are in your media set and (2) the speed of your CPU.


I looked back at the last thing I posted about this in the 8.x forum:



Just another data point: my 2.0G core2duo mini -- groomed a media set with 2.1M files in it -- in 18 hours. Which seems to validate my approximate 1hr/100K files experience with this speed of CPU.


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For reference, I have a disk media set on an eSATA attached RAID (Lacie 4BIG) device with 4.5million files and ~2.5 TB in use. The server lives on a 2007 Xeon Mac Pro with 6GB of RAM. It took 8-1/2 hours to groom 423 GB from the disk. I run the groom weekly.


edit - I am still using 8.2, about to upgrade to 9 and was browsing both forums.

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It take's generally 2.5 to 3 hours to groom a 500GB ( ~450 used ) disk with ~2.7 million files... using a MacPro Quad 2.93GHz ( catalog files ), media sets on a external eSata 4 disk housing ( M-TH ).


Also when backing up, using Tags is speed-er-upper. Long rules sets seem to s l o w down Retro big time.

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