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  1. FWIW... I have never been able to find/add clients via Multicast. I have always had to add directly.
  2. Yes, they do share the same physical disk... I do see disk activity but with no way of knowing how long this will take, I think I'll just cancel what's going on, even though I see disk activity, and schedule them to run at different times. Thanks for the reply!!
  3. I have two Media Sets that I scheduled for grooming yesterday. They have been running for almost 24 hours. Is this typical? I have attached screen shots with the details.
  4. I just purchased the upgrade and received a new license key. I entered the key and now Retrospect launches. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply... I was using the temporary v9 beta license so I'm assuming it has expired. Anyone know where to get an updated beta license?
  6. What do I do now that the license for v9 has expired? I reboot the server and here's the email I get. License code <licensed feature> has expired.
  7. It was going okay for me as well until this morning when main media set of 3.5TB couldn't find it's member. Looks like I'll be rebuilding the media set which no doubt will take forever! Ugh...
  8. I had to change the IP of my Retrospect server. When I go into Preferences->Network, the Default still shows the old IP and I can't edit it. What can I do, I'm running v9? Thanks
  9. I have downloaded the trial version and began updating my clients to the v9 release of the client software. Since I still have several PowerPC Macs that I backup I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing and leaving the v6 client on them. In doing so I noticed the v9 client offers more features such as the menu bar app. The v6 client doesn't offer this and I would like to know if PowerPC Macs will ever have this updated client. Thanks
  10. Yes, I restarted the Mac, cycled the HDs too. No joy! Trying a catalog rebuild now but it will most likely take a LONG time given the number of files I have in the Media Set...
  11. Thanks Lennart, this is still an active Media Set that is scheduled to be backed up daily. The screen shot I attached shows "0" members which should be "2". I didn't remove them and the hard drives they are on is still mounted on the desktop of my Retrospect Mac. The association just disappeared...
  12. I have a Media Set that still hows the number of files, used, free and capacity amounts but NO members. What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks
  13. There are some pre-defined Smart Tags (All Clients, All Local, All Shares). What I'd like to do is create others based on my own criteria like IP range or subnet and have the sources automatically populate the Smart Tag when they are added to Retrospect as a source.
  14. For the life of me I can't find out how to do this anywhere in the docs. Is this even possible?
  15. Yea... that would be much appreciated!! Thanks
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