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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. Interesting to hear that. We aren't having any other issues, overall 17.5 has been performing very well for us. This is the only issue I found. We upgraded to 17.5 from 15 which had it's share of issues, so far 17.5 has been a pleasant experience overall. It sounds like sticking with 17.0.2 is a good course of action for many until this issue is fixed.
  2. Hello all, This is an informative post, I don't have a question. I wanted to share an issue I discovered with Multi Server (17.5). We recently upgraded to this version and when I tried to restore files to one of my clients we received an error we hadn't seen before. The console appeared to complete the restore normally, and showed progress while retrieving our files, but then every restored file was 0KB in size. The Retrospect log showed an error of "File (filename) appears incomplete". I was able to reproduce this error from different backup sets and to different clients. I panicked, then tested a few different approaches to restoring and discovered that restores would only complete IF you restore to the server's local hard drive. This error only happens when restoring directly to a client. I contacted Retrospect support and opened an official case. Robin Mayoff replied quickly to let me know that they were aware of this issue and it was a high priority for them to fix. My options were to downgrade to 17.0.2 or wait for their fix to be released. I opted to wait, now knowing that this was the issue. Fortunately we don't need to do a lot of restores, so having to manually move my restored files isn't a dealbreaker. But if you are trying to do a restore directly to a client, you may be impacted by this bug in v17.5! Just putting it out there in case other people are searching for this issue like I was. Hope it's helpful! -Derek
  3. Hi David, Thanks, yes it seems like a late addition to see the light of day in v13. But if they are moving towards a web driven interface anyway, that would most likely resolve this entire issue. I'll submit it for the idea of it, and for us for now the 'remember not to close the console or log off' workaround will have to do. Thanks, -Derek
  4. I'm coming from the Mac side originally, our migration to Windows was recent. Yes, the dashboard shows me minimal observations of any running activities without clicking 'Launch'. It looks a lot like the Mac version of Retrospect's "dashboard" page. However, there are several things I would like to do, like reviewing how a script was set up, or rescheduling an upcoming script, or grabbing a status list (usually I print the backup status for my own log notebooks, old school I know). I appreciate being able to see that jobs are running, but I can't interact with the system at all from the dashboard, and that's not very useful. I'd rather just go straight into the console and see the 'activities' tab. An 'easier' workaround I could envision would be a button to "tell all unstarted/pending jobs to delay start but let the actively running jobs keep running" so I can launch the system sometime today to follow up on a previous error message, or do some other task without killing the running job.
  5. Hi, Are you saying that the 'bug fix' is that the warning message is more worthwhile, but doesn't solve the underlying issue of opening the console killing any running jobs? I'm not sure what you mean by being in the 'look-forward' timeframe, unless you just mean that it is showing the 'next jobs' and there is no current activity. I'm looking forward to the web interface version! Thanks, -Derek
  6. Thanks to both of you for your replies. The only solution I see at this time is to leave the console open and never log off but I don't like the idea of leaving disconnected RDP sessions. We will consider our options for now. We are running 12.5 - is 12.6 any different?
  7. I recently migrated from Retrospect Server Mac to Retrospect Server Windows. I am running Retrospect MultiServer on a Windows Server machine that is normally logged out. I dug around and found the steps to allow Retrospect to run as a service and work while no user is logged into the computer, but I have one issue - when a backup job is running and I log into the system and open the Retrospect console, Retrospect quits and re-launches, ending any running backup jobs. How can I avoid this (besides waiting until Retrospect is idle)? I set up a 'service' user for Retrospect to run as, and when I open Retrospect it re-launches as the currently logged in user. I tried logging onto the machine as that service user but it still quits and re-launches (as the same user). Is there a way to open Retrospect without making it quit first? On the Mac version I considered the 'Engine' and 'Console' two completely separate items and you could open a Console from any computer without stopping the Engine. On the Windows version this doesn't seem to be the case. Otherwise my shift from Mac to Windows for Retrospect has been smooth. Thanks!
  8. Wow, that's a pleasant surprise! Thanks for posting here. I'll check it out...
  9. Thanks for the reply. If that's really the case they should ask for it to be pulled from the app store or else bring it up to date. I'll be wary of it.
  10. I just installed the iOS app on an ipad. It's working fine but I got a warning message from Apple that this app may slow down my device because it's an old app (paraphrasing, I can't recall the exact message, maybe that it was designed for an older iOS?). Just curious if you guys were aware that the app was being flagged by Apple. I heard through some other apple news that they are trying to reign in their App Store and starting to clean out non-updated or problematic apps. Thanks -Derek
  11. I'm not seeing the same behavior. When I drill into a folder I've excluded the contents of by rule, they are still checked. Everything in the preview is checked. When I review the backup after it's complete, the rule did work. So in the end I do have my rules working, but I still can't figure out how to examine their effect while I'm developing them.
  12. My understanding of Proactive Backup with multiple destinations is that it will back up each client to the destination with the oldest backup. So from client to client it will show a different destination depending where the oldest backup lives. In the Media Set tab of the proactive script, what's checked off indicates to Retrospect what media you will be backing up to. If the "media" isn't physically available, Retrospect will wait for you to add another member to the media set, because that's what you've told it you want to do. If you have multiple backup destinations, but they aren't connected, you should uncheck them in the Media Sets tab of the script. When you reconnect a destination, make sure that destination is checked in the Media Sets tab. Having the media set checked off indicates to Retrospect that you want to back up there, so if the media isn't physically available it will wait for you to reattach it or add another member... if you don't want it to back up to that set, just uncheck the box. Lets say you have 3 media sets and want to take one offsite - just uncheck it but leave the other two checked in Media Sets and the Proactive script will automatically rotate each client between the two available destinations. If you only want it to use one of the two, you'll need to uncheck the other one. It will decide client by client where the oldest backup is, and which media set needs to be next for that client. I only have one destination available at a time, and with my Proactive script running backups start pretty much as soon as a machine hits the network without any interaction from the console - unless the script is busy backing up a different client. FWIW I don't have multiple destinations available at one time, so it's possible I've misstated how things work - this is just my understanding from being familiar with Retrospect for many years.
  13. Hi, Stumped again - the rule I created seems to work, but I'm not able to preview it using 'copy' or 'backup'. When I browse what is to be backed up, the rule I have selected doesn't seem to apply - all files and folders on the client are checked off in the preview. But in the real backup script, the rule is definitely applied. I can tell this when I try to restore from a backup to a new media set - the files I wanted to exclude are, in fact, not available to restore, which is great. But I would like to know how to test my rules instead of winging it to see what works... Any advice? Thanks, -Derek
  14. twickland, Thanks, doing an immediate copy and Preview seems to be a great way to test rules. For the moment it seems like I'm not making any of my rules correctly, but at least I have a method to test with now! -Derek
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