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Activity Monitor running, but can see main Retrospect application

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I'm running Retrospect Multiserver 7.7.562 with the Value Pack on a fully patched Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit system.


Upon reboot, Activity Monitor is active and backup scripts start running.


When I try to start the Retrospect application, nothing happens.


Retrospect.exe is running.


I don't need Activity Monitor, so is it possible to remove it from the startup list?


How can I get the main Retrospect application to appear?


This wasn't a problem until recently.


I've been using Retrospect since version 1.0 on a Mac Plus with a big stack of floppy disks. Glad to see that it's independent again.



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Retrospect is running under the system account. Windows 2008 does not allow you direct access to programs running under the system account. The only way to avoid this is to manually open Retrospect before a scheduled backup. Once Retrospect is manually opened, you will have full access to the UI.

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Thanks for responding!


So to get control of the Retrospect program, I should wait until running backups have completed, kill Retrospect.exe in Task Manager, then start Retrospect manually?


I assume the way to stop this from happening is to check the box in Retrospect that disables scheduled backups before quitting the program.


Is there any other way to avoid this problem?



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