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Inter-Version Compatibility

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Before (A) reports and testing point to a significantly better experience w/ Retrospect 9 and (B) I or my clients decide they want to shell out money for bug fixes that IMO should've been handled for free or nearly free for those of us who paid for the privilege of being beta testers, I'm interested to know what the interoperability is between versions of Retrospect 8/9 Engine, Console, and Client. I maintain about a dozen Retrospect systems for clients, so the Console app running on my MacBook Pro is crucial for my administration of these. Clearly, not everyone will agree to upgrade, and for sure not at the same time, so....


1. If I install the v9 Console on my MBP, can I still use it to control the v8 Engines out there?

1b. If not, how is it suggested that I support my existing clients if I have a new client starting from scratch (and therefore buying Retro 9)?

2. Is the Retro 8 Engine able to access clients running the new v9 Client? [from what I see in another thread, this appears to be "no"]

3. It is unclear to me what the OS requirements are for the v9 Client. If I have older machines that cannot run it and must run 6.3.029, can Engine v9 access and back these up?


I feel like I'm forgetting something, but those are the basics. Thanks for any info.



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1. If I install the v9 Console on my MBP, can I still use it to control the v8 Engines out there?


Well, that was positively awful. I launched the Retro 9 console around 15 minutes ago. It has been beachballing ever since, and occasionally giving me an alert that I should update my various server's engines to the new This is occurring one at a time for the 8 servers that I currently have in my Console list. So, the Console appears to be completely unusable for Retro 8 engines. I can *see* them and see some of the info from the servers, but I can't appear to *do* anything w/ them. Man, does THIS suck.


So, question '1b' is even more pressing now (although I may very well not have any clients upgrading anytime soon).



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Guest Steve Maser

I can definitely answer that Retrospect 8.2 can *not* access Retrospect 9 clients. (Retrospect 9 can access Retrospect 6 clients, though...)


The console issues, I've never tried viewing an 8.2 engine with the 9.0 console. I'd be surprised if it worked, though.

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