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  1. I'm still trying to just get easy confirmation on the hardware involved. Are Cambyses User and Backup both locally-attached non network-shared logical volumes?
  2. Steve helpfully asked: What am I missing? To which you replied: You're missing the whole point... But then did not make an effort to answer his questions. Could you be more clear here? When I Add Source Directly using the client's IP address, that IP address is displayed in the Address field of Sources->Summary->Details If I Add Source Directly using the client's fully qualified domain name (not the Rendezvous name) I still see the IP address of the machine in that field, which is the same address as what's in the zone file on the DNS server for that machine. I don't see the machine's DNS name anywhere in the Sources window. Not in Overview, not in Details, not in any of the available column lists. AFAIK, if you add a Retrospect OS X Client machine by its IP address the program will only look for it on that address; it's only when you take advantage of the program's multicast features will it look for clients at different addresses/interfaces (within configured subnets). You still haven't made clear if your client machines have the same IP address configured for different physical network interfaces. Do you? As to fussing around with DNS, it might be interesting to know more about your server setup and zones, but I'm still not sure why it would matter since you can configure things with numbers and don't even require name resolution. Dave
  3. Can you explain this more completely? If you can't enter anything then how does it not matter what you enter? What exactly are you doing, and what exactly do you see when you do it. -dave
  4. Perhaps some more specific information about your test parameters. What is the Source? A logical volume? A Favorites Folder? Locally attached? Network share? What is the Destination? (see above) ? Specific steps should include configuration information so others can attempt to reproduce. -dave
  5. Wow. Three posts in and already you're denigrating engineers about whom you know nothing. I'd guess they probably don't read these boards, as it's more likely they're programming when they're at work and relaxing when they're at home. But others in the company do read posts here, and representatives also monitor tech support tickets and track their resolution. If you read Steve's posts more carefully you'd see that his methodology results in wireless clients being invisible to Retrospect while those connected to en0 are seen and backed up. Macspt got it upthread in post #4; is there some reason your infrastructure prevents you from implementing this solution to your problem? Steve is also right to point out that Favorites can be used to limit the data that gets scanned, but the issue of Rules (and Filters before them) not influencing scan behavior is something I've been suggesting/complaining about for years. It was at the very top of my list when I had the opportunity to submit said list before Retrospect 8 was released; I guess it didn't make the cut.
  6. Paul's FM database is a fantastic work of art, something he obviously spent a lot of time working on (and debugging). It's valuable not only for parsing this log; I'm especially happy to see the custom function he built (or found somewhere else) for allowing multiple ScriptParameters in a script (which he uses in his navigation buttons, for one). It's a bit off topic for this forum, but here it is: Function name: GetScriptParameter Function paramater: Number Let( [ x = MiddleValues ( Substitute ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; "|" ; "ΒΆ" ) ; Number ; 1 ); y = Left(x; Length(x)-1) ]; Case(PatternCount ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; "|" ); y; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ) )
  7. But remember why that options was there; to work around an Apple bug. It wasn't intended as a feature.
  8. And I'm pretty sure the Client software that shipped w/Retrospect 8 wasn't a preference pane yet. But I can't quite recall...
  9. The error is for the Retrospect OS X Client software (not the Retrospect 8 application software); how did you uninstall?
  10. Remember that Retrospect does not perform "Full" and "Incremental" backups as some sort of different operations. "Incremental Plus " means Retrospect scans the Source and matches it against its Catalog, then backs up whatever is different/new. That could be every file, that could be only one file. But as far as Retrospect is concerned, it's not doing anything differently. That the program saw every file as changed after your first steps but did not when you altered your actions is quite helpful information; I hope the company's documentarian(s) make a note of it...
  11. Upthread posts note the activity is maxing out a single core. Does that mean this CPU speed dependent process can't be dispatched out to multiple processor cores?
  12. Well, you could pay for it first and then try it and see if it works for you. Or, you could pay nothing by simply filling out a web form with a valid email address. You'll get a full function time limited license code to use for your testing. Choice is yours. Dave
  13. Yeah, that's a bug I reported in V8, which I haven't tested in V9 to see if they fixed it. I ran into this issue last night w/V8, and solved it by Stopping the current Script, then going to Media Sets->MyFooSet->1-MyFooSeet and selecting the pencil icon to edit. Then I pointed back at the same folder and said OK without changing any values. Backup worked after that.
  14. It remains unclear exactly what you have done, what you are doing, and what you want to do. What version of Retrospect did you originally create the Media Set with? Did you then use a newer version of Retrospect to append data to this Media Set? Have you now gone back to the original version of Retrospect that was used to create this Media Set? Can you confirm the file structure of the Retrospect folder on the Drobo? Are the correct sub-folders present? What happens when you navigate to the Retrospect folder on the Drobo when prompted for Needs Media?
  15. This is unclear. A "Backup Set" is the _set_ of the Catalog file and the Members of media on which the backed up data is written. So in your case, is it a Disk Media Set with the first (and presumably only) Member stored on the RAID, with a 415 MB Catalog file? Steve is right about the number of files being the critical component, and 8.5TB of data could be a lot of files, and take a long time.
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