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Common DHCP Question?


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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer in the seach results. My network is being segmented, so that our office group is going to be on a subnet using dynamic IP addressing through a new DHCP server. Right now they all have static addresses and I can connect to them fine with my Retrospect server, but how will I keep track of them once they move to a dynamic addressing method?

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Once they move to DHCP you will have to re-login all of your clients (IF they were logged in via static IP address). How you do this is to go to Configure/Clients and click on Network. From there you will see all of your clients appear in the list. Highlight the client and click login.




Do not log them in by pressing the "add by address" button. Or it will add it via the current IP address, then when it receives a new IP address Retrospect will say "I can't find this client." :)





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Your instructions include a few things that I don't see in Retrospect. Perhaps there's a different set of instructions for Windows? You suggest...




>go to Configure/Clients




...no problem




>... and click on Network.


>Highlight the client and click login.


>...Do not log them in by pressing the "add by address" button.




There are no such buttons or icons: "network", "login", "add by address".




Apologies for "dumb" questions :-)







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Click the Add button when you get to Configure > Clients screen. This will take you to the "live network" view.




Melissa meant that you need to be sure that this is how the clients were logged in originally. There is an option with some versions to add by Direct IP address. If you used this, you'll have to re-log in the clients. If you logged the clients is using the default way, though, you should not have to take any additional steps.




Here's how you can check. In the Clients database (the first window from Configure > Clients), right-click a client and get properties. Click the Access tab, and check what it says for "Interface". If it says default or Subnet broadcast, you're fine, and Retrospect will find this client even if the DHCP server assigns it a new IP address.

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