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error 205 (lost communication with storage device) and vxa-3 library

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Hi there, we just purchased a new VXA-320 library after wanting to retire our vxa-2 library. We connected the vxa-3 up to the same G5 computer with the same SCSI cables with the same ATTO UL5d SCSI card that the vxa-2 tape library was connected to.


All looks good, however, once a backup starts after a few minutes we get an error 205 (lost communication with storage device).


The computer is a Mac G5 running Retro 6.1 with the 6.1.3101 rdu.


Does anyone have any suggestions?





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Gary, you don't say whose VXA-320 you have. If it's Exabyte, be sure to update the drive's firmware because there have been some firmware updates, the most recent at the end of January (v1310E). I note by reading the change log that some of the changes had to do with SCSI communications.



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