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Cannot authenticate to Exchange 2003


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I'm using a Small Business Server 2003 and want to backup Exchange 2003. My problem is, that I cannot backup any mailbox. If I try to access Mailbox (Volumes) retrospect asked me to authenticate. Looks like it doesn't matter what I type into that box, it always pops up again (I tried domain-admin and a user I created like retrospect documentations says).

I'm using Retrospect 7.0.326. I reinstalled Restrospect several times and dropped the config file, too.

Any ideas?


P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, I'm german...... =)

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the Retrospect user have an active mailbox, but he's not listet in global address list. I don't know if domain-admin is listed in global address list, I can look it up if that matters.


Let me know if you need further information...



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