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Hangs with 100% CPU while grooming disk


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I'm using Retrospect 7.0 with the latest updates on Windows XP SP2 with the latest updates. I'm backing up my C: drive to a 300GB internal disk dedicated to backup.


Everything has been going great until my backup sets finally started to fill up. What I'm finding now is that when grooming to the Retrospect policy the CPU goes to 100% and I can't get Retrospect to quit. The backup drive is not full - there is currently 88GB free so I've no idea why the grooming hangs. The UI is still responsive but it refuses to stop the grooming in progress.


This happened once before and I eventually had to kill the Retrospect process - that corrupted the backup set and I was unable to recover it even after recreating the catalogue.


Any ideas?

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I have a similar issue. I'm using 7.0.326 and a groom operation has been running on a 1 TB drive for over two days now with the CPU utilization close to 100%. If I had known how long grooming takes I would have started grooming before the drive hit the 931 GB limit set by the backup set definition. (188 GB is free.) I clicked on the Stop button over four hours ago and the grooming operation still hasn't stopped.


It would be great if a disk-based backup set could be backed up to tape while the proactive backup to disk is running.


I'm getting clear that there are three steps when using backup to disk then tape: backup to disk from Monday through Friday, groom on Saturday, backup to tape on Sunday, and hope that the weekend is enough time to get the jobs done.



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Yep, same thing happens to me too.


I've been thinking it's a memory issue. The "server" that I have running it on is fairly low-spec. So I'm just trying to move it over to another box and see how it goes.


You can see the RAM usage stream upwards as it begins to groom. Then it just becomes unresponsive. I've left it trying for 4 days, and still no results.


It's a serious issue.

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I gave up grooming.


I tried with all the different update versions of Retrospect. One of them helped (During the summer as far as I remember), but it is still far too time consuming for me. OK they say it takes time to groom. How many weeks should one wait then with 100% CPU usage before deciding the system has hanged?


As far as I see it, it doesn't work in reality. My solution was to buy 2TB of disk space and then recycle the disk backup sets every second month or so.


Giving suggestions to Dantz, results in absolutely no response. (just as the progam often does)


As far as I see it, Life is too short for this. I let Dantz debug this. I have other things to do.


The program has some really nice features and ideas. Unfortunately the good picture is distorted by seemingly really poor programming.



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