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  1. What was the error you got? Could you try running ldd on the daemon executable and see if there are any missing libraries? Can you post strace output when you try running the daemon?
  2. In a few cases, I had to manually run the updater, that is, sitting in front of the client.
  3. To allow multicast to work across routers, the time to live must be adjusted upward (from 1). This option is location in the Backup Clients window, then clicking the network icon at the upper left. Then click Advanced in the Interface window. Click Multicast and there the number can be incremented. However, the router must be configured to allow IGMP packets to pass. Still, multicast doesn't always show clients. At one point, I traced at least part of the problem to a bug in Retrospect wherein the GUI doesn't show clients that are responding to requests. I haven't confirmed whether this has been fixed. I've also noticed at least in the pre-8.x versions o Retrospect, Windows 7 clients would never show in multicast. I think this may have been fixed.
  4. What is going wrong that you can't install it? Have you seen the thread http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/25652-64-bit-support/
  5. I believe the activator code is stored in the retrospect.state file. I see that it is located in /var/log/. All you need to do is change the state file on the cloned computer to its state file.
  6. My opinion is that it is going to be a major part. Isilon has the OneFS filesystem, which is good scale-out technology.
  7. I was just wondering, but couldn't you create shares for where the pointed to files reside or even a master share for all the data? You could create a user for Retrospect and give it only read permission. Then you could backup all the data. You could separately write a script that kept a list of the links, so you could recreate them in case you ever had to restore.
  8. How much access and control do you have of it? You might be able to run the linux client on it, http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/linuxemu.html
  9. I'm a bit puzzled, but if you're trying to back up a NAS device that serves CIFS, then why not back up the share itself? You just need to enter the UNC path in Retrospect with user on the NAS that has read permission to the share. This is how I backup my Solaris Express file server.
  10. What if you try to run the daemon in the foreground, that is, directly on the command line?
  11. You wouldn't use Retrospect to back up the actual MySQL data files. Instead, you would use a script that dumps the live database and then use Retrospect to back up the dump. A well-known script to make the dumps is MySQL Backup, which is located at http://worldcommunit...ysql_backup.txt
  12. I am on 7.7, using a Quantum Scalar i80, which uses HP LTO5 drives. It's working
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