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  1. Hi, Could you try a new backup using a new backup set then try to restore it? If this works you should probably do a new manual configuration using the same brand of cd as the older ones. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Your old password is probably saved in the server, I know that I'm ridiculous saying this but you should think about reinstalling the Retrospect server as final option. Good luck,
  3. Hi, The password here is probably case sesitive, so carefully check your password, otherwise go in the client's property under configuration>client and set up a new password. Thanks.
  4. Hi, It's the right way, you don't need to create a backup set for each day but you do need 2 backup sets for your 2 weeks rotation.So you create a script with your source and 2 destinations(backup set 1 and 2); In your schedule you send the backup to backup set 1 during the first week(monday through friday) with "recycle" in the action area, then you do the same for the second week but here you backup to backup set 2. Thanks,
  5. Hi, uninstall Retrospect, check that you're installing the version 6.0 on your mac and try again. Be aware that you can't install express on a server OS. Thanks,
  6. Hi, If you have the receipt(copy of the invoice) of your hard drive, you should contact the customer Service of Retrospect to get a code.(I'm not quit sure if they are still doing that but that's how I solved that issue 2 years ago with retrospect 6.0 express)
  7. Hi, Thank you for that new feature, we've been asking for it for ages.When will we have the same feature on the Mac side? Thanks,
  8. hi, Sometimes retrospect 5.0 reports lot of errors but trying to restore, you get all your files, I'd suggest you try a restore then see if you could get all your files.
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