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Do I need to create a new Disaster Recovery CD?


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I already did the deed and have a few comments:




"Date: 2/10/2005 08:42"


Well, the time is not even close to correct.


And, I screwed up the creation of the DR and had to do it a second time.

The second time also produced instructions with the same date and time.


So it seems that DR creation has a bug with respect to the time reported.


2. When testing the new DR CD, I had to load the drivers for the new video card even tho the drivers are already included on the DR CD. Not to mention the video drivers are in the root directory of the CD-ROM, not in ghe CD's I386 or whatever.


Has the version 7 DR corrected this problem?


3. For the purposes of testing a DR CD, it would be useful to have an option for:


"Hey, I did not really want to restore anything, I just wanted to boot to the point at which I could see that all drives and backup sets were available. Please shut down the DR, remove the files for the temporary OS and restore the boot.ini."

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What time zone are you in and how far off was the time? I wonder if the DR wizard is using GMT instead of local time?


What video card do you have? Some of those unified video drivers are so big that they were really pushing the size of the DR CD.


A DR test mode would be good. Something that would restore to a file or something like that. You could probably use a program like VMware to test something like that.


Personally I wish the DR CD worked like Knoppix or Mac OSX. You could boot into a full OS without even touching the disk.




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