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Backup Script for different tapes

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I want to setup a backup script on my OSX server to backup on a regular basis with a new tape each week.


I want to set it up so I put in a new tape every Monday for a complete backup. and then use that


same tape for incremental backups the following Tuesday through friday.


Then I want to put a new tape in on Monday and start the process over.


I want Retrospect to create a new backup set each Monday.


And I want this to run automatically. The only thing I want to have to do is tape a new tape in each Monday.




I have gone over several of the script suggestions. But none quite fit this.


Can anyone give me any suggestions?




Thank You


Rick saunders

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I'd like to do it weekly for a month at a time. In other words I'd like to put a new tape in each Monday for all four weeks. Then at the beginning of the next month start the cycle all over again and recycle the tapes.


Hopefully only having four backup sets.




Thanks Melissa

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Automate Scripts


Click New


Name Script


Pick your sources (what you want to backup)


Go to Destinations


Create 4 destinations (I would name these Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4)


Highlight the backupsets you just created and click ok.


They are now in your destinations of your script.


GO to schedule.


Schedule them to start each week... week 1 this week, week 2 next week, week 3 the following week. Then make the rotation to be 4 in the weeks box. This means it will cycle every 4 weeks.


After your done creating your script - go to Automate/Preview and check to make sure it looks correct.



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