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RedHat 9 not remembering (some) backed-up files

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I'm backing up a bunch of machines from a Mac OS X 10.2.6 machine running Retrospect 6.0.178. One of these machines is running RedHat 9 with retroclient 6.5.108. Here's the problem: I do a full backup of the RedHat machine, and it successfully backs everything up. If I then immediately do another normal backup, Retrospect wants to back up over half the files on the machine (a couple of gig), including some files that I know have not been changed since the previous backup. If I let it back them up and try again, it again wants to back up the same set of files. I've tried blowing away the server's backup set and recreating everything, but it doesn't matter -- the same thing happens. I've tried looking for a pattern among the unchanged files that it wants to re-backup, and can't see any obvious patterns -- the files are all over the place. Grr.


Any clues or suggestions?



Jim Miller


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Resetting the clock was a fine idea, but it didn't work -- I'm still being asked to back up a couple of gigs of files, immediately after doing a full backup.


But this just gets weirder and weirder. After doing the initial full backup (call it B1), I did another, and found that it was asking for a large number of files to be backed up (hence my previous message). So I stopped that backup and tried again (B2), and again (B3), and so on. Here's what I got:


# files in initial full backup: 172, 531.

B1 (first normal backup after the full backup): Retrospect wants to back up 92,092 files.

B2 (after not doing B1, but immediately asking for another normal backup): Retrospect wants to back up 83,973 files. I'd expect some difference due to changes in log files and the like, but not almost 10,000 files.

B3: 62,679 files

B4: 72,032 files

B5: 62,679 files (hmmm -- seen that number before)

B6: 72032 files


and so on. For awhile I hoped that it would eventually asymptote to zero, and I could get on with my life. But no -- after awhile, it begins to consistenly bounce around between 50,000 and 60,000 files.


Yeah, this is pretty annoying.





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Yeah, annoying would be the polite way to phrase it...


Is there anything in common about the files you can see? Something like path or partition? What about the files that are _not_ being backed up over and over again?


To try to pin this down a bit better:

do a search for files restore and search for a file that you know gets backed up every time. Then compare the files and see if there is any difference between them. A one second difference in modify time is enough to cause this kind of problem.


Are you running your backups with the "all files" selector or are you using something else?




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