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  1. Aah, I was going to mention that. No, there are no selectors involved at all.
  2. Thanks for the pointer re empty directories -- I think I had seen that before, but had forgotten about it. That clears up a lot, but there are still weirdnesses taking place in /var. I just did a clean backup of my clean Fedora 9 box, and it's failing to back up /var/log and /var/cache, both of which have stuff in them. Plus, new weirdnesses: I looked for other directories called "log", and found /usr/share/cvs/contrib/log. That has something in it, and it's not backed up. Also, none of the /sys directory is getting backed up, and there's definitely stuff down in there. The suspicious person in me is wondering whether there might be some code somewhere in the Linux client that is deciding for me that, for whatever reason, I don't want to bother backing up. Crazy, huh? I could look around more, but I've done about all the free QA work I can justify. Does anyone have any other thoughts?
  3. A few more data points in this: * I added /var as a subvolume, and it seemed to pick up the directories and files that had been omitted from the previous backups. * Several directories were missing from /home/ -- these seemed to be ones that were empty. For instance, if there was nothing along or at the bottom of /home/joeuser/a/b/c, neither a, b, nor c would be backed up. Help? I'm rather concerned about how much I can trust these backups.
  4. For what it's worth, I was able to replicate this behavior on a second running a virtually clean installation of Fedora 9. Looking at the /var directory, the same subdirectories were (and were not) backed up.
  5. No, they don't. The only ones that are there are the ones that seemed to be getting backed up in the first place -- account, db, lib, etc.
  6. My configuration: server: Mac G4 MDD running 10.5.4 and Retrospect 6.1.230 client: Fedora 9, running Retroclient 7.6.100 What's up: Overall, the server and client are working fine; backups are happening. However, the backups are incomplete: some Linux directories are geting backed up, while others don't. For instance, in the /var directory, Retrospect is backing up account, db, lib, local, lock, named, run, spool, www, and yp; it's not backing up cache, cvs, empty, ftp, games, log, nis, opt, preserve, and racoon. I've run a full backup and an incremental, and these directories are picked up on neither. Permissions on the directories seem fine; root owns them all the way down, and they're all read-enabled. Plus, if I set up one of these directories as a subvolume and include it in the list of Sources for the backup script, the directory and its files are detected and backed up. It seems that, once Retrospect knows the files are there, it's happy to back them up; it's just not finding those directories as part of its sweep of the file system. I of course have no idea what other directories might be missing from the backup. Any ideas? This seems pretty serious to me...
  7. Is there any hope of getting this USB 2.0 removable hard disk running under Retrospect 6 on my Mac? Currently, when I try, I get the dialogue box telling me that "Retrospect must be configured to used CD/DVD drives for backup and restore..." (HL-DT-ST DVDRW GSA-S10N). When I click on "Configure", it asks me to insert a blank disc, which I can't do because, well, it's not a CD/DVD. Any thoughts?
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