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Backup then restore, does the UID of contacts, messages stays the same?


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Each "object" in exchange have a UID (a unique ID).

Does the backup and restore keeps those IDs so as they are not changed?


For example, we have contacts defined in exchange and we relate to them by their UID (from an application external to exchange). We need those IDs to stay the same upon a restore.


Can some gurus from Dantz comment on this?


Thank you!


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For Exchange Retrospect uses the built in Microsoft APIs to perform backups and restores. I belive the UIDs you are refering to are stored in Active Directory which is also backed up by a full system backup in Retrospect.


I can't answer your question 100% but I can say that I have not heard of / know of any attributes we don't backup when backing up exchange. As a rule we recommend backing up the entire server inclucing active directory- not just exchange.



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