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Error -1013 (malformed name)


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Windows 2000 Pro + SP3

Retrospect Pro V6.5.336


This is not a retrospect problem as such but it is stopping me from running any of my backups so I'm hoping someone can help me to overcome the problem.


On my system I seem to have a directory that originally was a temp file created by Windows. I have no idea how this happened but the file originaly with name ~WSR0002.TMP has somehow been turned into a directory by Windows.


If I try and delete the "directory" I get 'Cannot delete ~wsr0002.tmp. The directory name is invalid'. I'm able to rename the "directory" so I renamed it to something more reasonable, ie temp, but this made no difference. I've searched google & MS but can not find any solution that will allow me to delete this directory.


It would not be a problem for me to leave the directory but it is causing my backup job to fail with the following message:


+ Normal backup using Backup at 14/01/2004 9:10 PM

To Backup Set Monthly #2...

Retrospect Professional only supports Open File Backup on Windows XP.


- 14/01/2004 9:10:06 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:)

TPCFolderLoc::StartFind: UFindFirstFile failed, C:\Documents and Settings\Etienne van Tonder\Local Settings\Temp\temp, winerr 267, error -1013

Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name)

While scanning volume Local Disk,

Folder C:\Documents and Settings\Etien...,

Scanning incomplete, error -1123 (volume structure corrupt)

Retrospect Professional only supports Open File Backup on Windows XP.




So does anyone know of a way to delete this directory or to exclude it from the backup scan.






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Thank you for the suggestion, when I tried to browse I get the error 'Error: Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name)' at which point the scanning stops. The corrupted directory is displayed in the browse windows but I can not highlight it so am unable to delete it.

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