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  1. Yes I did, I ran the disk checking process a number of times but it did not fix the problem.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, when I tried to browse I get the error 'Error: Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name)' at which point the scanning stops. The corrupted directory is displayed in the browse windows but I can not highlight it so am unable to delete it.
  3. Environment: Windows 2000 Pro + SP3 Retrospect Pro V6.5.336 This is not a retrospect problem as such but it is stopping me from running any of my backups so I'm hoping someone can help me to overcome the problem. On my system I seem to have a directory that originally was a temp file created by Windows. I have no idea how this happened but the file originaly with name ~WSR0002.TMP has somehow been turned into a directory by Windows. If I try and delete the "directory" I get 'Cannot delete ~wsr0002.tmp. The directory name is invalid'. I'm able to rename the "directory" so I renamed it to something more reasonable, ie temp, but this made no difference. I've searched google & MS but can not find any solution that will allow me to delete this directory. It would not be a problem for me to leave the directory but it is causing my backup job to fail with the following message: + Normal backup using Backup at 14/01/2004 9:10 PM To Backup Set Monthly #2... Retrospect Professional only supports Open File Backup on Windows XP. - 14/01/2004 9:10:06 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:) TPCFolderLoc::StartFind: UFindFirstFile failed, C:\Documents and Settings\Etienne van Tonder\Local Settings\Temp\temp, winerr 267, error -1013 Scanning incomplete, error -1013 (malformed name) While scanning volume Local Disk, Folder C:\Documents and Settings\Etien..., Scanning incomplete, error -1123 (volume structure corrupt) Retrospect Professional only supports Open File Backup on Windows XP. So does anyone know of a way to delete this directory or to exclude it from the backup scan. Thanks, Etienne.
  4. Hi, Environment: Windows 2000 + SP2 Retrospect Desktop V5.6.127 OnStream SC30 (Device Driver V2.01) Tekram SCSI DC-315/U PCI V3.03 I've been using Retrospect for sometime now without any hassles. On Friday when running my normal backup Retrospect started to backup but after a number of files completely froze the system. I had to press the reset button to reboot the machine. Since then I've tried backing up a single file with the same result, also I've tried restoring file(s) with the same result. I've updated all my drivers to the latest version without any luck. I then uninstalled Retrospect & reinstalled without any luck, btw where and in which files do Retrospect store the scripts as I've lost all of these & my settings with the reinstall. I've also checked the files where is freezes and removed them but the system simply freezes on another file, ie there seems to be no pattern to this. Any ideas on what I can try?? Etienne.
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